AUTUMN’S CHILD – Zenith [Japan Edition + 1] (2021-2022)

Ex Last Autumn’s Dream and now AUTUMN’S CHILD Swedish AORsters fronted by Mikael Erlandsson as happens each end of the year, are releasing a new album titled “Zenith“, Now released in Japan with a bonus track, next January in Europe.
In ”Zenith”, Autumn’s Child have created an absolute monster of an album, it’s genuinely a case of ‘all killer no filler’ as from beginning to end it is crafted with such love and passion that it sits comfortably way above almost every other recent AOR / Melodic Rock album in comfortable ease. Albums that are nigh on perfect are rare beasts, so do yourselves a favor, don’t hesitate, buy this… we guarantee that you will love it!

AUTUMN’S CHILD – ST [Japanese Edition +1] (2019)

Swedish outfit Last Autumn’s Dream decided to stop for a moment due to each member’s schedule was busy. But in the future, they are planning to get together again. In the meantime, frontman Mikael Erlandsson announced a new band, AUTUMN’S CHILD, with their self-titled debut album released by Marquee / Avalon (Japan) in December, at the end of 2019.
Joining Mikael are H.E.A.T’s keyboards player Jona Tee, Moon Safari’s guitarist Pontus Åkesson, Claes Andreasson (acoustic guitar, keys) and drummer Robban Bäck (Eclipse, W.E.T)
AUTUMN’S CHILD rocks much more than the Last Autumn’s Dream albums, always melodic yes, but more biting and with some killer guitar solos to boot. Of course there’s H.E.A.T, Eclipse, and WET influences, but also Brother Firetribe, Crazy Lixx, and even British icons FM…

AUTUMN’S CHILD – Angel’s Gate [Japan Edition +1] (2020)

AOR Heaven Records will release AUTUMN’S CHILD new album “Angel’s Gate” in February 2021, but as usual – and as happened with LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – the Japanese edition appears at the end of each year, ready for the Holidays.
With Last Autumn’s Dream put on hiatus, frontman Mikael Erlandsson formed AUTUMN’S CHILD last year and presented a self-titled debut. It is dream-team with a background in which each member is active or been a member in a well-known band such as H.E.A.T., Eclipse, WET, Moon Safari, Heartbreak Radio and of course, Last Autumn’s Dream.
“Angel’s Gate” is even better than the already stupendous self-titled debut. The songs are crafted at maximum detail, musicianship is pot notch, and production balanced, melodic.
A great way to end this complicated year listening this complete, compelling melodic rock album.
One of the best of 2020…

HEARTBREAK RADIO – Heartbreak Radio [Claes Andreasson Remaster] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HEARTBREAK RADIO is a Swedish AOR band formed in 2004 by songwriters / producers Claes Andreasson and Torbjörn Wassenius as a Last Autumn’s Dream spin-off.
On the 2005 self-titled debut album Pierre Weinsberg (Elevener, Denander’s Radioactive, Prisoner) and Mikael Erlandsson (LAD) performed lead vocals, while the session musicians include Tommy Denander, Sayit and T’Bell on guitars, Mikkey Dee (Don Dokken, Motorhead) on drums, Jim Jidhed (Alien) doing backing vocals, and more.
Now Andreasson has remastered and reissued “Heartbreak Radio” with a cleaner, more defined sound, featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.

HEARTBREAK RADIO (Jim Jidhed/Mikael Erlandsson) – On Air [Japanese Edition +4]

HEARTBREAK RADIO is a Swedish / Scandinavian AOR project started in 2004 with the participation of Tommy Denander, Mikael Erlandsson and others, releasing an enjoyable self-titled debut the next year.
Organise the next effort took several years but finally arrived. Entitled “On Air“, this Japanese edition is really worth to have as it includes 4 bonus tracks.
Erlandsson was asked to provide vocals once again, but this time the cream on the Swedish scene performs lead vocals as well on different tracks: Jim Jidhed (Alien), Pierre Weinsberg (Elevener, Denander’s Radioactive) and two other Swedish super-vocal talents, Henrik Baath (Dark Water) and solo artist Martin Gabriel.
Fans of old school, classic ’80s AOR with a touch of L.A. Westcoast in the slower numbers rejoice: “On Air” is a delicious piece of work with excellent songwriting, smooth instrumentation, great vocal performances and superb polished production.
A mandatory listen for any fan of these genres.

MIKAEL ERLANDSSON – Capricorn Six (2019)

Since almost fifteen years, at the end of each year we have a new Last Autumn’s Dream album, but their singer MIKAEL ERLANDSSON has a solid solo career as well. The Gothenburg-based frontman started his career in the late ’70s as a drummer of punk band, something that’s hard to imgine while listening to his new solo album “Capricorn Six”....

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Secret Treasures [Japan Edition +4] (2018)

Near to Christmas, every year, we have a new LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM out in Japan. 2018 not an exception, and “Secret Treasures” will be released tomorrow, including 4 bonus tracks. The European version will appear next year. With many of the Last Autumn’s Dream members busy with other projects – i.e. Jamie Borger with Treat or Nalle Pahlsson with the...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Fourteen (2018)

Swedish melodic rockers LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM has a tradition; they always released with a metronomic precision a new album each year in Japan few days before Christmas, while the European market is always a little late in the delivery. This is the European version of the band’s new album “Fourteen“, to be released February 2018. Last Autumn’s Dream celebrates its...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – In Disguise [Japanese Edition] (2017)

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – In Disguise [Japanese Edition] (2017)

Sweden’s own LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM are to return on 20th January, 2017 with an album of covers of their favorite songs. Titled “In Disguise”, as happens with every new LAD album, the CD has just been released in Japan at the end of past year with the obligatory bonus track. Last Autumn’s Dream are quickly becoming a legend in Swedish...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Paintings (Japanese Edition) (2015)

As happens every end of the year, Swedish melodic rock institution LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM presents a new album, first released in Asia. “Paintings” is the title of the new effort, to be out across Europe via AOR Heaven records. on February 26, 2016. Always fronted by singer Mikael Erlandsson, Last Autumn’s Dream 2015 / 2016 features a new line-up, with...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Level Eleven [2CD Japanese Ltd. Edition] (2014)

* So here it is: as usual, Swedes LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM releases a new album at the end of each year, first in Japan and a couple months after in Europe. Titled “Level Eleven“, this is indeed the album number 11 from this Melodic Rock combo commanded by singer Mikael Erlandsson.“Level Eleven” is expected for Feb. 20, 2015 in Europe...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Platform 10th Anniversary Best (2014)

* Swedish Melodic Rockers LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM will release in February, 2014 their first Greatest Hits album with songs selected by themselves celebrating the band’s 10th Anniversary, entitled “Platform 10th Anniversary Best”.As usual, the album was presented in Japan first, containing Last Autumn’s Dream choice cuts from their entire catalogue plus 3 new recordings: acoustic versions of “Again And Again”,...

NIVA – Magnitude (2013)

NIVA – Magnitude (2013)

Swedish singer Tony Niva is a veteran musician who started his musical career in 1987 fronting many cult bands such as Zanity, Axia and Swedish Erotica but he’s probably best known for being the lead singer in Lion’s Share. But Tony also runs his own band NIVA with two recordings under its belt, the first from 1994 featuring the collaboration...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Ten Tangerine Tales [Japan release] (2013)

* As usual, Swedes LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM release their new albums first in Asia, around Christmas time. That’s the case again with the band’s tenth CD “Ten Tangerine Tales”, which will be available in Europe on January 25, 2013. Singer and songwriter Mikael Erlandsson is a real workaholic. Recently he released an album with his new band ‘Lover Under Cover’...

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Nine Lives [Japanese Retail] (2012)

Retail HQ* LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM does not stop. Their new album “Nine Lives”, just released in Japan, is scheduled to be released in Europe on January 20th, 2012. Following their very good last album ‘Yes’ released a few months ago, these Swedes seems to have an endless inspiration and creativity.And the good thing is that “Nine Lives” maintains the high...