HEARTBREAK RADIO – Heartbreak Radio [Claes Andreasson Remaster] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

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HEARTBREAK RADIO is a Swedish AOR band formed in 2004 by songwriters / producers Claes Andreasson and Torbjörn Wassenius as a Last Autumn’s Dream spin-off.
On the 2005 self-titled debut album Pierre Weinsberg (Elevener, Denander’s Radioactive, Prisoner) and Mikael Erlandsson (LAD) performed lead vocals, while the session musicians include Tommy Denander, Sayit and T’Bell on guitars, Mikkey Dee (Don Dokken, Motorhead) on drums, Jim Jidhed (Alien) doing backing vocals, and more.
Now Andreasson has remastered and reissued “Heartbreak Radio” with a cleaner, more defined sound, featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.

The result was an album crammed with AOR and West Coast goodness, where smooth as silk melodies and radio friendly grooves jostled gently with melodies to remind of Toto, Journey, TNT, or more recent acts such as Street Talk and Denander’s Radioactive.

You have classic AOR bliss on the superb “Don’t Look in Her Eyes”, the awesomely Journey-esque “Only You”, or the pumping midtempo “Now You’re Gone”.
But they rock with a great melodic hard rock pulse as well like on the catchy “Hard Rock City” (somehow reminds me of a solo ’80s Joe Lynn Turner or Sunstorm), “Rockin’ The Night” with some Radioactive and TNT circa My Religion on it, or the LAD-like “Knockin’ On Hells Door”.
And of course there’s elegant smooth tunes with a West Coast style like ‘The Way Of The World’ (think Journey Trial By Fire era) or the ballad “Love Don’t Live Here No More”

You can’t go wrong with these cats onboard, and songwriting, performances and production are top notch.
I still prefer the original cover artwork, but heck, glad to have such cool remaster / reissue; “Heartbreak Radio” is pure class AOR / Melodic Hard Rock all over.
HIGHLY Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Heartbreak Radio
02 – Hard Rock City
03 – Now You’re Gone
04 – Rockin’ The Night
05 – Let Me Have My Heart Again
06 – Don’t Look In Her Eyes
07 – Only You
08 – Knockin’ On Hells Door
09 – Love Don’t Live Here No More
10 – Dreamworld
11 – Just 4 Love
12 – The Way Of The World

Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream) – Vocals
Pierre Weinsberg (Denander’s Radioactive) – Vocals
Tommy Denander – Guitars
Sayit – Guitars
Patrik Tibell (T’Bell) – Guitars
Max Abbey – Guitars
Pontus Borg – Guitars
Magnus Rosen (Jorn Lande) – Bass
Joel Starander (Last Autumn’s Dream) – Bass
Mikkey Dee (Don Dokken, Motorhead) – Drums
Jim Jidhed (Alien) – Backing Vocals
Claes Andreasson, Torbjörn Wassenius – Backing Vocals, Songwriting



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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have The Heat’s albums Untold stories I+II?

  2. Scupp says:

    Yet another hidden gem of an album . 3 or 4 songs on here that are just THAT good that it makes the purchase much more than worthwhile. And the Journey reference in the review could not be more under-emphasised btw. There’s a song on the album called Only You that you’d swear was lifted off Journey’s Raised On Radio album! You can’t get a much bigger compliment than that.

    A must have. Enjoy y’all and thanks as always to DayRox team for bringing yet another musical gem to our ears.

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