MICHAEL STANLEY – In A Very Short Time (2016)

MICHAEL STANLEY - In A Very Short Time (2016) full

Fronting the The Michael Stanley Band, singer & songwriter MICHAEL STANLEY has been firmly established in the US Classic Rock field. During the Eighties the group turned musically more radio friendly AOR with the LP ‘Inside Moves’, one that I play regularly. When the MSB broke up in 1987, its leader was far from finished with music. He just seemed to get more productive as time went on, cranking out seven studio albums in the past decade.
After the very good album appeared three years ago Michael Stanley is back today November 22 with “In A Very Short Time“, showing that although he may not headline big arenas anymore like he did in the ’80s, music is just not ever going to let go of him.

“In A Very Short Time” is more rock oriented than the previous album, less bluesy and furthermore melodic, always with Stanley’s smooth pristine vocal style supported by Jennifer Lee female harmonies.
Although going under his own moniker as solo artist since many years, his reliable cast of musicians – including two Michael Stanley Band veterans drummer Tom Dobeck who has been with him since 1974 and keyboardist Bob Pelander who joined in 1975 – add that familiar, comfortable warmness and color typical of his tunes.
Female vocalist Jennifer Lee, whether she’s singing backup or dueting with Michael has become quite integral to Stanley’s sound as well.

Michael Stanley mix classic rock tunes and timeless melodies with ease (and class) like on ‘The Reckoning’, ‘Notified’ and ‘706 Union’, with occasional acoustic passages (title track, ‘Fellow Citizens’) and often throwing in a tasty guitar solo, or two, for good measure, and adorning the songs with abundant B3 organ / keyboard flourishes.

MICHAEL STANLEY - In A Very Short Time (2016) inside

“In A Very Short Time” it’s the kind of albums that many of you will let pass by, as happened with several very good records featured on this blog not sporting a ‘rutilant’ name on the cover.
But we insist to bring on this type of timeless albums that despite not being this site’s usual motto (melodic rock / AOR stuff) which packs inside quality Classic Rock music to enjoy.
Very Recommended

01 – The Reckoning
02 – No Uncertain Terms
03 – Everybody Leaves
04 – Messin’ with the Cha Cha
05 – Getting to Denmark
06 – Broken Angel
07 – Notified
08 – In a Very Short Time
09 – Mr. Right Now
10 – 706 Union
11 – Smart Too Late
12 – Fellow Citizens
13 – Where Do We Turn
14 – Hidden Track

Michael Stanley – vocals, guitar
Jennifer Lee – vocals, percussion
Bob Pelander – keyboards, vocals
Danny Powers – guitar, vocals
Marc Lee Shannon – guitar
Paul Christensen – sax
Rodney Psyka – percussion, vocals
Eroc Sosinski – bass, vocals
Tommy Dobeck – drums


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