HONEYMOON SUITE – Hands Up (2017)

HONEYMOON SUITE - Hands Up (2017) full

Yes, we had to wait eight long years, but finally arrived HONEYNMOON SUITE‘s “Hands Up“, the Canadian favorites new album.
The record was produced by vocalist Johnnie Dee and guitarist Derry Grehan, with all band’s members involved into the songwriting.

“Hands Up” is a varied new offering from this great Canadian band, ranging from melodic rockers, midtempos and ballads.
“Market Square” is one of my favorites, perhaps the most typical Honymoon Suite track on the album with clear nods to their ’80s days. Derry Grehan’s daughter Leah Marlene guest on backing vocals adding a sweet touch.

HONEYMOON SUITE - Hands Up (2017) disc

For a radio-ready tune you have the catchy “Hey Deanna”, a track named “1986” says all, then the poppy “Like The Stars” has an irresistible pre-chorus / chorus. Another track worth to mention is title track “Hands Up”, an intense rocker with cool keyboards and nice atmospheres.

If you need a more edgy song, “Never Was A Forever” will satisfy you with the strong guitar presence and its muscular chorus. A highlight.
Additionally, into the album are included live versions of Honeymoon classics “New Girl Now” and “Burning In Love”, showcasing how hot the band sounds today on stage.

HONEYMOON SUITE - Hands Up (2017) back

“Hands Up” is a very, very good comeback album for Honeymoon Suite. Johnnie’s smooth vocals, alongside the wicked guitar riffs, at times incendiary playing of Derry Grahan (who really does pull out some nice solos on this record) are at the heart of all that’s good.
The band still has the spark to create classy, superior AOR in a gratifyingly timeless fashion that suggests not a lot has changed in the world since ooh, 1987.
Highly Recommended

01 – Hands Up
02 – Like The Stars
03 – Never Was A Forever
04 – Market Square
05 – One Step Closer
06 – Hey Deanna
07 – 1986
08 – Burning In Love (Live)
09 – New Girl Now (Live)

Johnny Dee – lead vocals, guitar
Derry Grehan – lead guitar, vocals
Garry Lalonde – bass, vocals
Dave Betts – drums
Peter Nunn – keyboards
Leah Marlene Grehan – backing vocals


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