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STREAMLINE - Streamline (2017) full

Diamond Dawn was an awesome Swedish AOR act that sadly disbanded after their debut CD five years ago. But don’t worry, most ex-members are back with STREAMLINE and their self-titled opus to be released soon.
The Album is mixed by Victor Olsson (Saffire, Apollo, Gathering Of Kings) and mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic (In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Saffire).

In fact, Streamline are Diamond Dawn with new singer Gabriel Lindmark, the rest of personnel is the same. So the excellent musicianship remains intact.
However, musically Streamline has a Melodic Rock approach with a Classic Rock flavor. And believe me, they are pretty amazing at it.
Think modern day Europe, The Night Flight Orchestra, Black Star Riders, and some early ’80s Whitesnake.

You can’t go wrong with songs like the pumping ‘Freerider’, the ’83 Rainbow / Joe Lynn Turner like ‘Barely Runnin’ (awesome tune), the ridiculously catchy melodic rocker ‘Get What’s Coming’, and the bluesy retro rocker ‘Save Me’ (akin David Coverdale solo albums).
And that’s only the 4 first songs on this fantastic album.

‘Blind’ turn things harder with a feel similar to last Europe album. Lindmark proves he’s a darn good shouter for this kind of stuff. ‘Talk It Out’ adds vintage organs to its late ’70s FM rock radio feel, a song with excellent harmony vocals.
Speaking about keyboards, ‘No Rest For The Vicar’ – perhaps the heaviest track on the album – features a sweet ass keyboard solo!

‘2nd Street’ is a gritty and groovy rock n’ roller about the guy’s favourite street in Gothenburg, ‘Deliver Us’ is a fat, groovy hard rocker that could stop the Eearth’s rotation, and ‘The Good Samaritan’ is a vigorous, licky and catchy tune that possibly could get the Earth rotating again.

STREAMLINE - Streamline (2017) inside

I am in love Streamline. In their debut the guys were able to perfectly blend Melodic Rock with Classic Rock and the result is timeless R n’ R full of melodies, sharp guitars, swirling vintage keys and catchiness galore!
Do yourself a favor and grab this little gem, it will be released on physical CD soon.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Freerider
02 – Barely Runnin’
03 – Get What’s Coming
04 – Save Me
05 – Blind
06 – Pay The Price
07 – Talk It Out
08 – 2nd Street
09 – Deliver Us
10 – The Good Samaritan
11 – No Rest For The Vicar

Gabriel Lindmark (vocals)
Olle Lindahl (guitars)
Jhonny Göransson (guitars)
Mikael Planefeldt (bass)
Niklas Arkbro (keys)
Efraim Larsson (drums)


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