TONY MILLS – Streets Of Chance (2017)

TONY MILLS - Streets Of Chance (2017) full

Vocalist for Shy, TNT and many more, TONY MILLS is one of the greatest singers in melodic hard rock history. He will be releasing tomorrow his new solo album titled “Streets Of Chance“, the Tony Mills album I was hoping for, a return to real Melodic Rock and big choruses.

For this triumphant comeback to the melodious field, Mills has enlisted several talented people specialized in this musical genre to help out such as Tommy Denander, Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger), Pete Fry (Talon, FarCry), Eric Ragno, Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse, Newman) and many more.
And the result is an uplifting album that’s hard to stop playing.

Straight away, the tone of the album is set down with the bounce and catchiness of ‘Scars’, and, as usual, it’s a treat to hear Mills’ high, powerful vocals on a straightforward AOR track.
This is Melodic Rock, no doubts about it, and one of two tracks penned by Robby Boebel (Phantom 5, Frontline). It’s one of the highlights of the album, along with the Paul Sabu / Eric Ragno penned ‘Battleground’ (which was tweaked by Pete Newdeck and given some pace) and ‘When We Were Young’ from Vega brothers – Tom and James Martin, both also playing on the record.
From these three songs you can tell that the quality of song-writing guests is high indeed and it really shows throughout.

The feel of the album is often very Shy-like (for me, anyway), mainly because it’s full of uncomplicated melody and songs that get into your head very easily.
‘Storm Warning’ is killer, bouncier offering than the rest that, if anything, could have fitted well on Shy’s ‘Once Bitten… Twice…’ debut.
For the most part, “Streets Of Chance” follows the rule of thumb with smooth, melodic tracks, but there’s a few exceptions; the mid-album song ‘Dream On’ is rough, edgy hard rock, while album closer ‘Seventh Wonder’ changes the style completely with a bombastic marching tone; good for fists in the air.

“Streets Of Chance” is the album Tony Mills needed after more darker, heavy past solo works, a return to pumping Melodic Rock and big choruses, where the guitar solos are absolutely fine but not the focus of the song, with repeated plays bringing more enjoyment.
At times, it made me feel ’80s Shy is back again.


01. Scars
02. When the Lights Go Down
03. Legacy
04. Battleground
05. Dream on
06. Weighing Me Down
07. When We Were Young
08. The Art of Letting Go
09. Storm Warning
10. Seventh Wonder

Tony Mills – vocals
Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger) – lead guitar
Tommy Denander (All!) – lead & rhythm guitar, keyboards
Robby Boebel (Phantom 5) – lead & rhythm guitar, keyboards
Neil Frazer – lead guitar
Pete Fry (Talon, FarCry) – rhythm guitar
Tom Martin (Vega) – rhythm guitar
Toine Vanderlinden, Linda Mills – bass
Eric Ragno (All!) – keyboards
James Martin (Vega) – keyboards
Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse, Newman) – drums


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