RONNI LE TEKRO (TNT) – Bigfoot TV (2022)

RONNI LE TEKRO (TNT) - Bigfoot TV (2022) full

Norway’s RONNI LE TEKRO is considered one of the world’s most influential metal guitarists. Le Tekrø first made waves internationally with the band TNT, yet would later find success as a solo artist, studio musician and in collaboration with jazz guitarist Terje Rypdal. He has sold over four million albums with TNT, and was named one of the world’s 25 best guitarists in 2009 by Guitar World.
Bigfoot TV” is Ronni Le Tekrø’s first solo album in six years, and old and new fans alike are in for a treat. Together with his tight band — Leif Knashaug (vocals), Markus O. Klyve (keyboards), Henrik Fossum (drums, percussion), Ove Husemoen (bass), and Jon Johannessen (guitar) — the music sounds both inspired and vibrant. Le Tekrø’s guitar virtuosity is a red thread through the entire album that is filled with references to TNT and his own prog-rock albums yet also Thin Lizzy, The Beatles and more.
I hate Ronni Le Tekrø… and I hate him because over the years still I am not able to replicate his incredible guitar sound – and I have the same guitar, amp, etc. The man is simply awesome on the guitar…


01 – Life On Long Island
02 – Demons
03 – Moving Like a Cat
04 – The Black Rose
05 – A Handful Of Time
06 – New Day In The Morning
07 – U.F.O.
08 – Not Today
09 – Eyes of the woods

Ronni Le Tekrø (guitars)
Leif Knashaug (vocals)
Markus O. Klyve (keyboards)
Henrik Fossum (drums, percussion)
Ove Husemoen (bass)
Jon Johannessen (guitar)


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