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ZANDEM – Zandem (Original 9 track Version 2006) + The Lost Sessions (2009) *0dayrox Exclusive*

As requested, here’s the rare, very hard to find recordings from ZANDEM, the project featuring Alan Kelly of SHY fame (lead vocals, all instruments) and Greek composer & guitarist Babis Kaisas (KAISAS) founded in the mid-2000’s.
Zandem born as fun, when Kelly started exchanging music stuff with one fan from his SHY days, Babis Kaisas from Greece. Soon they came up with demoed song ideas from Babis, and Alan had treated them in a more professional way adding lead vocals / lyrics, keys, lead guitars, bass, and drums of course.
That led to the first self-titled 9-track Zandem demo mid-2006. At some point they tried the ex-Karallon bassist Dave Deeley for the singer’s spot in late 2006. Using the same demo cover/title, they re-released the CD-r with 3 tracks sung by Dave only.
Some record labels were interested in Zandem, but Alan Kelly decided he wanted to concentrate on his own material towards September 2007, that came to fruition a few years later under the name 7HY.
Babis Kaisas continued under the Zandem name, recording some new songs with him doing lead vocals. In 2009 Babis released ”The Lost Sessions”, actually closing the Zandem chapter by putting all the lost tracks that had not been on the previous CD-r, the one with Dave Deeley on lead vocals as well, all on 1 disc.
We have here all the ZANDEM material, the first 2006 CD with Kelly on all lead vocals, and ‘The Lost Sessions 2009’ with all three vocalists. This is classic melodic rock / AOR in the vein of BLUE TEARS, AMAZE ME, WAYSTED’s melodic side, and SHY.
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EDGE OF THE BLADE – Feels Like Home (2020)

Feels Like Home” is the new, second album from melodic rockers EDGE OF THE BLADE, the band featuring the talents of Alan Kelly (ex SHY) and John Francis (ex AFTER HOURS), and you can resume their style & sound taking as reference their previous bands and all the 80s British Melodic Rock / AOR movement.
While there was some duds with EDGE OF THE BLADE’s debut album, this new effort “Feels Like Home” is a totally different beast. When I say ‘beast’ I suppose I should say pussycat; the fluffiest Persian pussycat you can imagine.
Aside are the modern sounds of debut here; the guys have adopted an amalgam of SHY, TOBRUK, etc with JOURNEY, FOREIGNER and SURVIVOR with interspersed DEF LEPPARD harmonies and lush production thrown in for good measure.
HIGHLY Recommended

SIGNAL RED – Alien Nation (2020)

Alien Nation” is SIGNAL RED‘s second album, featuring vocalist Lee Small (LIONHEART, SHY), guitarist / keyboardist Steve Grocott (TEN, SEVEN DAYZ) and Steve Newman (NEWMAN). Mastered by Steve Mann (MSG, LIONHEART) and co-produced by Grocott / Newman, the quality of this team is without of question.
Of course you need good songs, and “Alien Nation” is even stronger than the band’s debut material: bright Melodic Hard Rock with a classic feeling and AOR spirit.
Fans of the genre will not be disappointed with this track list…

SHY – The Lost 1984-1986 Songs (0dayrox Vault compilation)

After many requests, here’s the quite rare, collector’s material from England’s AOR / melodic hard rockers SHY. We have here the demos SHY recorded between 1984-86, including many songs that never made into disc, or morphed into other titles with different arrangements / lyrics.
These tapes were released by Shy’s drummer Alan Kelly in one way or another, but our files are from a different source, and if you ask, ours are in much better quality sound.
Of course, these are demos, but enough to enjoy the incredible vocals of Tony Mills (RIP)
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SHY – USA Demos for ‘Excess All Areas’ 1986 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

British melodic hard rockers SHY have released a bunch of demos from the ’80s, in this case the titled “USA Demos for “Excess All Areas“, the tapes the band recorded in America prior to their awesome 1987’s album Excess All Areas.
It’s great to hear the original takes of anthems such as ‘Emergency’, ‘Can’t Fight the Nights’, ‘Talk to Me’, or ‘Breakdown The Walls’ (here still titled “Last Chance”). And even more a version of ‘Emergency’ with Michael Bolton singing lead vocals, and “Breakdown The Walls” with Don Dokken.
We have as well tapes from Birmingham, UK, sessions, and while the sound quality varies, it’s pretty fan-damn-tastic these tapes have been finally made available.
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SHY – Excess All Areas [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

One of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock / AOR albums of all time just has been ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records; SHYExcess All Areas” including 4 bonus tracks.
Before undertaking their all-important third album, 1987’s “Excess All Areas”, RCA relocated Shy to Los Angeles to soak up the Californian melodic hard rock radio vibe. Songwriting session started soon and the recording label secured the services of – omnipresent in most great ’80s records – talented Neil Kernon to produce.
The result was an awesome blend of American flavored AOR played in a British melodic hard fashion, and one of my top 50 Best Of albums of All Time.

SHY – Brave The Storm [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

A much needed remaster of SHY‘s “Brave The Storm” just has been released by Rock Candy specialists including 6 bonus tracks, the British act major label debut which, without a doubt, should have been a real breakout LP for the band.
SHY was a latecomer to the NWOBHM scene, and like many groups like Tobruk and Heavy Pettin’, they straddled the line between metal and arena rock. Featuring powerhouse vocalist Tony Mills, for this “Brave The Storm” released in 1985 they hitched themselves to the American AOR bandwagon, produced by Tony Platt (Cheap Trick, Foreigner).

TONY MILLS – Beyond The Law [Japan edition] (2019)

Former SHY / TNT lead vocalist TONY MILLS will be releasing his seventh solo album “Beyond The Law” today June 21, 2019, while this Japanese version already appeared some days ago. Melodic rocking with an AOR feel along the lines of his early work with SHY, the record highlight is his stratospheric vocal range and skillful songwriting / arrangements, helped...

STATE OF ROCK (Tony Mills) – A Point Of Destiny [Japan Edition +1]

Requested by one of you here’s STATE OF ROCK album “A Point Of Destiny” in its Japanese edition including a bonus track. Formed by 3 members of German melodic rockers FRONTLINE , and ex SHY / TNT front man Tony Mills, this band and album was a sensation at the beginning of the decade. Four years after the last FRONTLINE...

SHY – Shy [Japan Edition +1]

Long running British melodic rock band SHY returned with a new album this decade after many years of absence that saw founding vocalist Tony Mills departing to join the ranks of TNT. Shy has gone without Mills’s services once before (with 1994’s Welcome to the Madhouse), but for a lot of fans Shy’s signature sound and Mills’ instantly recognizable voice...

SHY – Excess All Areas [Zoom Club Records remaster +3]

Another request on the blog was the remastered reissue +3 bonus tracks of “Excess All Areas“, SHY‘s third release and their over-the-top commercial masterpiece. I can give you the name of a dozen bands that deserved to be huge in the AOR / melodic rock British scene in the ’80s. Three of the best at the time were FM’s with ‘Tough...

VA – Lightning To The Nations; NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 2)

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M.) was a musical movement that somehow saved – or revitalized if you want – the languishing metal / hard rock scene at the end of the Seventies, and cemented the ’80s sound for the genre during the entire decade. The excellent 3-CD box “Lightnin’ To The Nations: NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” comprises...

SIGNAL RED – Under The Radar [Japanese Edition +1] (2018)

SIGNAL RED is a brand new band from the UK formed by two very respected musicians namely guitarist Steve Grocott (TEN) and vocalist Lee Small (PHENOMENA / SHY / LIONHEART). Their debut CD “Under The Radar” will appear in Europe soon, while it has been released in Japan few hours ago. You need good songs. That’s it. Ah, and a...

TONY MILLS – Streets Of Chance (2017)

Vocalist for Shy, TNT and many more, TONY MILLS is one of the greatest singers in melodic hard rock history. He will be releasing tomorrow his new solo album titled “Streets Of Chance“, the Tony Mills album I was hoping for, a return to real Melodic Rock and big choruses. For this triumphant comeback to the melodious field, Mills has...

SHY – Brave The Storm [Japan Cardboard Sleeve LTD miniLP +6]

A requested album from the classic AOR era and a must have in your collection is SHY‘s second effort “Brave The Storm”. This out of print Japanese Cardboard Sleeve LTD mini-LP replica includes 6 bonus tracks and delivers a fan-damn-tastic sonic output. Originally released in 1985, “Brave The Storm” was the second album from this British AOR / Melodic Rock...