ZANDEM – Zandem (Original 9 track Version 2006) + The Lost Sessions (2009) *0dayrox Exclusive*

As requested, here’s the rare, very hard to find recordings from ZANDEM, the project featuring Alan Kelly of SHY fame (lead vocals, all instruments) and Greek composer & guitarist Babis Kaisas (KAISAS) founded in the mid-2000’s.
Zandem born as fun, when Kelly started exchanging music stuff with one fan from his SHY days, Babis Kaisas from Greece. Soon they came up with demoed song ideas from Babis, and Alan had treated them in a more professional way adding lead vocals / lyrics, keys, lead guitars, bass, and drums of course.
That led to the first self-titled 9-track Zandem demo mid-2006. At some point they tried the ex-Karallon bassist Dave Deeley for the singer’s spot in late 2006. Using the same demo cover/title, they re-released the CD-r with 3 tracks sung by Dave only.
Some record labels were interested in Zandem, but Alan Kelly decided he wanted to concentrate on his own material towards September 2007, that came to fruition a few years later under the name 7HY.
Babis Kaisas continued under the Zandem name, recording some new songs with him doing lead vocals. In 2009 Babis released ”The Lost Sessions”, actually closing the Zandem chapter by putting all the lost tracks that had not been on the previous CD-r, the one with Dave Deeley on lead vocals as well, all on 1 disc.
We have here all the ZANDEM material, the first 2006 CD with Kelly on all lead vocals, and ‘The Lost Sessions 2009’ with all three vocalists. This is classic melodic rock / AOR in the vein of BLUE TEARS, AMAZE ME, WAYSTED’s melodic side, and SHY.
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EDGE OF THE BLADE – Distant Shores (2021)

Featuring on lead vocals former UK AFTER HOURS vocalist John Francis alongside Alan Kelly, former drummer of SHY and multi-instrumentalist with 7HY, EDGE OF THE BLADE are back with new album ”Distant Shores” to be released by AOR Heaven Records tomorrow.
Adding lead guitarist Miguel Angel Lopez to the line up they have teamed up once again to bring you yet more exciting new material which will see roots based well and truly in AOR / melodic rock.
They have released an album previously under the name of EDGE OF THE BLADE entitled ‘The Ghosts Of Humans’ on a British label in 2015 which was produced by Andrew Chick. This saw the band venture into heavier territory with modern influences. Although this album was well received with rock fans and critics worldwide the calling back to AOR was very strong.
Musically ”Distant Shores” is faithful to these musician’s pedigree where both have excelled in previously, and saw them soar to new heights with influences from Journey and Foreigner that show their talents off to the fullest extent…

7HY (Seven Hard Years) – Rogues Gallery (2021)

Lions Pride Music are releasing the new 7HY (Seven Hard Years) album ”Rogues Gallery”. Taken from each of their previous albums, the band of former SHY Alan Kelly have acoustically re-imagined some of their classic songs and brought them together in one very special album.
”Rogues Gallery” evokes mellow, laid back feelings from the opening few bars to the final track. To make it more interesting and collectible, there’s a previously unreleased track titled ‘In Your Arms’.
All these already solid songs get a new life with the acoustically based dynamics here, and are the perfect format to showcase the vocal abilities of Shawn Pelata…

SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) – No Going Back (2019)

Melodic rockers SEVEN HARD YEARS (a.k.a. 7HY) are back with a new album, their fourth overall, titled “No Going Back”. This time around, 7HY kept their core lineup of founder Alan Kelly (ex- Shy), vocalist Shawn Pelata (Final Sign), guitarist Danny Beardsley (The Parallax Method) and multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew Chick (Edge Of The Blade). The previous three Seven Hard...

7HY (Seven Hard Years) – For The Record (2017)

Initially formed as a solo project by which to document his own songwriting adventures, Alan Kelly (formerly of UK legend SHY) has cultivated a strong, skilful stable of band mates and collaborators in the continuing saga of 7HY (officially named Seven Hard Years).7HY certainly didn’t waste any time getting a third album out. Just one year after releasing the very...

SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) – Stories We Tell (2016)

SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) – Stories We Tell (2016)

7HY / SEVEN HARD YEARS, the British Melodic Hard Rock band led by ex-SHY Alan Kelly returns with second effort “Stories We Tell“. Shawn Pelata (ex Line Of Fire) remains on vocals and, as in the past, contributions to lead guitar work come from some substantial guests. These include Pete Fry (Farcry), Calle Hammer (Houston), Dave Martin (Marshall Law), Danny...

SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) – No Place In Heaven (2014)

* SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) is the brain child of former SHY drummer Alan Kelly who over the last few years has continued writing in his spare time at his studio in Cornwall UK, to deliver a world class slice of Melodic Rock / AOR full of catchy riffs and powerfully emotive songs.Time has come, and 7HY finally is releasing...