SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) – No Place In Heaven (2014)

SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) - No Place In Heaven (2014) full


SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) is the brain child of former SHY drummer Alan Kelly who over the last few years has continued writing in his spare time at his studio in Cornwall UK, to deliver a world class slice of Melodic Rock / AOR full of catchy riffs and powerfully emotive songs.
Time has come, and 7HY finally is releasing today, June 30th, their debut album “No Place In Heaven”.

When Alan presented the songs to Roy Davis (SHY bass player and CEO of Lynchburg Records) his reply was ‘this album had to be done’.
They recruited for this project some serious talent in the shape of US based singer Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire), Dave Martin (former guitarist for Marshall Law), Martin Walls (After Hours), Elliot Kelly (Ocean City), Claire Kelly and of course Roy Davis.

This debut kicks-off with the powerful tune of “Angels Fly”, a pumping melodic rocker driven by the mammoth bass lines of Roy Davis and a steady drumming by Kelly, all adorned with clean guitars (which turn distorted during the chorus) and featuring some impressive vocal delivery by Shawn Pelata.

Then track 2 “Hold Me Now” offers the first AOR cut on the CD, with a sound reminiscent of the Scandinavian scene, but the backbone songwriting is typically British… typically SHY I’d say. And I like it!
Next there’s the groovy midtempo ballad “Live Without You” akin Gary Hughes / Ten, a catchy melodic rocker in “You Lie”, and AOR return with “Call Me Tonight”, this time with a modern approach and keyboards in the background.

“Never Meant To Hurt You” is another interesting moment here; a mid-tempo, piano-driven tune with a cool harmony and a Queen-esque feeling.
“No Place In Heaven” is a pure melodic rock bliss with elegant melodies, clever choruses and superb arrangements make this number one of the absolute highlights on th album.
The short (2:35 minutes) yet effective rocker “Say What You Gotta Say”, the AORish “Say Those Lies” (with very good harmony vocals) “Show Some Emotion” and its bluesy groove, and the ’80s AOR synths of “You Are The One” completes this very solid, entertaining debut by Alan Kelly’s 7HY.

SEVEN HARD YEARS (7HY) - No Place In Heaven (2014) inside

One of the unexpected surprises of the year, 7HY’s debut “No Place In Heaven” will please not only SHY and Melodic Rock / AOR fans in general, but also rockers looking for something refreshing.
The album is quite ’80s / ’90s in its conception, but the sound is very modern and Kelly avoid the cliches trying all the time to add his own twist to the genre.
“No Place In Heaven” is catchy, highly melodic and well worked out in the studio, as said, a pleasant surprise for the Melodic Rock / AOR community.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Angels Fly
02 – Hold Me Now
03 – Live Without You
04 – You Lie
05 – Call Me Tonight
06 – Never Meant To Hurt You
07 – No More Yesterdays
08 – No Place In Heaven
09 – Say What You Gotta Say
10 – Say Those Lies
11 – Show Some Emotion
12 – You Are The One

Alan Kelly (ex- Shy) – Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Shawn Pelata (Line of Fire) – Lead Vocals
Dave Martin (Marshall Law) – Lead Guitar
Martin Walls (After Hours) – Bass
Roy Davis (Shy) – Bass, Backing Vocals, Production
Elliot Kelly – Guitar
Claire Kelly – Bass


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