7HY (Seven Hard Years) – Rogues Gallery (2021)

7HY (Seven Hard Years) - Rogues Gallery (2021) full

Lions Pride Music are releasing the new 7HY (Seven Hard Years) album ”Rogues Gallery”. Taken from each of their previous albums, the band of former SHY Alan Kelly have acoustically re-imagined some of their classic songs and brought them together in one very special album.
”Rogues Gallery” evokes mellow, laid back feelings from the opening few bars to the final track. To make it more interesting and collectible, there’s a previously unreleased track titled ‘In Your Arms’.
All these already solid songs get a new life with the acoustically based dynamics here, and are the perfect format to showcase the vocal abilities of Shawn Pelata.


01 – No Place in Heaven
02 – Hold Me Now
03 – Broken Man
04 – Strangers Again
05 – Live Without You
06 – Never Say Goodbye
07 – One More Day
08 – What Is the World
09 – In Your Arms [previously unreleased]

Alan Kelly: Drums & Backing Vocals
Shawn Pelata: Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals
Andrew Chick: Guitars, Keys, Instruments
Danny Beardsley: Guitar Solos



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  1. Greg says:

    You are absolutely correct about this being a perfect showcase for Shawn Pelata’s vocals. He sounds great on this album, 2 thumbs up high!!

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