EYES (Swe) – Perfect Vision 20/20 (2021)

EYES (Swe) - Perfect Vision 20/20 (2021) full

Swedish melodic hard rock band EYES, featuring members from legendary Swedish classic and melodic rockers ACES HIGH, are about to release their new album “Perfect Vision 20/20” on June 4th, 2021, via GMR Music.
EYES have taken the crunchy riffs and melodies from their previous incarnation and brought it screaming up to date for the 2020’s. Big rock, taking you places; lots of attitude and creativity. Great songs and grand ambition with true heritage from the days, with the band tracing its evolution from British tradition to American melodic stadium and radio-ready rock music.

When you love what you do, it’s never too late. This is the case with EYES, a Swedish Melodic Hard Rock act born in the early ’80s. They put out a few singles back in the day and were included into some compilations, but never recorded a full length and the band split in early 1990.
Fast forward 2019, EYES rejoined including the original members into the line up, plus a new a young vocalist.
Many of the songs into EYES’ new album were composed between 1984-89, so expect pure ’80s Melodic Rock taped with modern technology.

Formed by guitarist Joakim Sandberg in the early 1980’s, the band developed its signature style in the cross-over between British melodic hard rock and American AOR.
A small following was established in home town Malmo, Sweden and EYES toured the local circuit with several live performances at larger halls and venues. In the mid Eighties the band also toured Germany, recorded some songs and featured on album collections related to Swedish hard rock before splitting up in the early 1990’s.

EYES rejoined after more than 20 years to perform the now famous ‘KB Club Reunion’ in May 2012 with its Mk. IV lineup, again featuring original members Sandberg and drummer Björn H. Lindbäck to bring their old songs to life.
Now the time has come, the album titled “Perfect Vision 20/20” is finished.

This pure ’80s influenced stuff, catchy, melodic, plenty of harmonies, from the joyful melodic rock of ‘Playing To Win’ or the anthem pomp of ‘Falling In Between’ (listen to that keys!), to the midtempo classy AOR of ‘This Is Us’.

You can’t be wrong with songs written during the ’80s, when the vibe of the era embedded these musicians inspiration. Of course you need talent for that matter, and that abound among EYES’ members.
VERY, Highly Recommended


01 – Playing to Win
02 – Turn of Your Life
03 – Get Out of My Head
04 – This Is Us
05 – Falling in Between (The Joker)
06 – Never Back Down
07 – Shot Down in Flames
08 – More Than Meets the Eye
09 – In the Matrix
10 – Cry Another Day

Peter Andersson – Vocals (Planet)
Anders Sellborn – Bass (Aces High, Syron Vanes)
Björn H. Lindbäck – Drums (Aces High)
Joakim Sandberg – Guitars (Aces High)
Åke David Rickard – Keyboards (Aces High)


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