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Open Your Heart” is the worldwide presentation of Danish songwriter, singer & guitarist CLAUS HASSING.
Hassing has been producing music in the studio for others over the past decade and now feels its his turn to step into the limelight. His debut “Open Your Heart” features 16 really well crafted tracks that will delight your melodic ears.

Claus Hassing has composed and recorded as session man for many European artists, then few years ago appeared into the spotlight in his home country.
“Go home and make what you do best”, said producer Nikolaj Steen Claus to Hassing when he blurted out the last Bootcamp in Danish X-Factor in 2010, and this is just what the 35-year-old singer has now done.
The majority of the album was recorded in Copenhagen with exception of first single “I Wanna Be”, produced in Los Angeles by Jared Robbins, one of the guys behind the music of John Mayer.

Hassing’s musical style is melodic rock, the easy to the ears radio-friendly rock made popular by the likes of Rick Springfield, ’90s Bon Jovi and fundamentally, Bryan Adams.

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The latter comparison is the key here, as Hassing fronts the successful Danish band Bryan Adams Tribute. And he even looks like Adams at his 30’s !
Tunes like rocker “Hotel Room”, the ridiculously catchy “Girl Next Door” or the contagious “Seventeen” are Summer-ready little gems that the famous Canadian could have been composed during his golden days.

But we have more; “Feels Like Rain” has a classic Jon Bon Jovi feel, “Open Your Heart” and “Leave the Light On” seems taken from Rick Springfield recent albums, mid-tempo “Don’t Go Away” and “On My Mind” bring to mind Joey Tempest (Europe) solo albums, and so on.
All these have as main motto sweet melodies, Hassing smooth vocals, and a very polished instrumentation / production.
There’s as well some kind of bonus tracks at the end of the CD, 3 tracks where Hassing goes acoustic, all beautiful ballads showcasing his colorful vocals and lovely melodies.

CLAUS HASSING - Open Your Heart (2015) back

Claus Hassing is a complete singer/songwriter and musician, all attributes clearly expressed on his debut “Open Your Heart”. These are a melodic, highly enjoyable collection of songs very polished and stupendously produced with a brillant sound.
This is the kind of albums that leaves you with big smile on your face, ready for this Summer days.
Very, Highly Recommended.

01 – Hotel Room
02 – Girl Next Door
03 – Wish
04 – Feels Like Rain
05 – Alone
06 – Don’t Go Away
07 – Seventeen
08 – Open Your Heart
09 – On My Mind
10 – Leave the Light on
11 – The Ones We Are
12 – To Help You
13 – I Wanne Be
14 – Excuse Me Mrs.
15 – A Different World
16 – All As if One

Claus Hassing: vocals, guitar, percussion
Flip Winther, Jacob Paulsen: keyboards
Lasse Baggenaes: lead guitar
Christian Thrane: bass
Jens Fulgsang: bass, backing vocals
Claus Winther, Niels Bo Pousen: drums


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