GIZMODROME – Gizmodrome (2017)

GIZMODROME - Gizmodrome (2017) full

GIZMODROME is an all-new super-group comprised of ’80s, A-list musicians in Stewart Copeland (The Police), Mark King (Level 42), Adrian Belew (ex-King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa), and Italian singer/multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Cosma. Together, they’ve joined forces to record their self-titled full-length debut, which is due to hit stores on September 15th through earMUSIC.

The result of combining these talented individuals is an album that really does stand out from the crowd. These days it’s very hard to release something that sounds completely different to what other bands are releasing but that’s what Gizmodrome have done.

The fact that Copeland, Belew, and King all contribute vocals help give this a distinctive sound, but it’s the songwriting that really sets them apart.
The closest band I can think of musically is Talking Heads, but this album has more influences mixed in. Trying to think how to describe them is tricky – is it Rock? Pop? Prog?
Well yes it’s a mix of all those and with a touch of crazy genius thrown in.

GIZMODROME - Gizmodrome (2017)´back

Of course there’s songs The Police-sounding like “Summer’s Coming”, but this is definitely an album that stands out as something different.
It’s an record that is hard to describe but which is incredibly enjoyable to listen to. The mix of styles that have been blended together make it a rich and interesting sound – every time you listen to it you find more little details you hadn’t noticed on previous listens.
Taste something different. Taste Gizmodrome.

01 – Zombies In The Mall
02 – Stay Ready
03 – Man In The Mountain
04 – Summer’s Coming
05 – Sweet Angels (Rule The World)
06 – Amaka Pipa
07 – Strange Things Happen
08 – Ride Your Life
09 – Zubatta Cheve
10 – Spin This
11 – I Know Too Much
12 – Stark Naked

Adrian Belew (King Crimson, David Bowie) vocals, guitars
Vittorio Cosma (PFM) keyboards
Mark King (Level 42) bass
Stewart Copeland (The Police) drums

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