JARED JAMES NICHOLS – Old Glory And The Wild Revival (2015)

JARED JAMES NICHOLS - Old Glory And The Wild Revival (2015) full

With only 24 years over his shoulders, guitarist & vocalist JARED JAMES NICHOLS has already shared stages with Classic Rock greats, and toured all over the US twice. Nichols’ full length debut “Old Glory And The Wild Revival” makes clear the genre is still alive and well, as proven by the mature and skilled performance of this young man hailing from the great state of Wisconsin.

Perhaps Wisconsin doesn’t have the most prolific music scene, but Jared James Nichols truly stands out with a legitimate fever and talent for bluesy classic rock, possessing the kind of mojo typically attributed to those Masters of the genre from another time, another place.
Jared James Nichols is a true testament to this type of music of old, and the revival we are seeing today. Doing his idols proud, Jared hones the likes of Stevie Ray, Kenny Wayne, Gary Moore and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry with soulful swagger and downright dirty, gritty howls.
His guitar wails at his command, delivering classic undertones with riffs of his own device.

JARED JAMES NICHOLS - Old Glory And The Wild Revival (2015) inside

Nichols and his Swedish bandmates (yes, from Wisconsin meets Sweden!) Eriik Sandin and Dennis Holm, are a power trio with a wonderful pulsating, raw feel and a great big sound. It’s clear that Nichols really feels the music. To play the guitar, he doesn’t use a pick, giving him a deeper connection with his instrument and a tone that’s warm and smooth.
Handling the vocals was serendipitous; apparently they were in a spot one day and nobody else was around to do the singing. But no worries – this also seems to come naturally to Nichols, whose voice at times recalls a younger mix of Lonnie Mack and Ronnie Van Zant. That was just another step in the right direction.
Helping to bring out the best of the trio’s musical offerings are legendary producer Eddie Kramer and engineer Warren Huart (Aerosmith). So expect a clear, bright sound.

JARED JAMES NICHOLS - Old Glory And The Wild Revival (2015) booklet

‘Playing For Keeps’, ‘Crazy’, the feel-good melody of ‘Let You Go’ (akin Aerosmith) and ‘Take My Hand’ rock steady with a decadent vintage feel that I love. The upbeat ‘Can You Feel It’ eases into the one-two beat of ‘Now or Never’, a terrific acoustic tune.
I really like the solid, funky groove of ‘Haywire’; it’s the kind of tune that sticks in your head all day.
There’s a not-so-subtle Lynyrd Skynyrd influence in the tracks ‘All Your Pain’, ‘Get Down’, and some .38 Special on ‘Sometimes’, but I think that with the current Classic Rock Revival going on, it’s a welcome and appreciated reminiscence proving that music like this is timeless.
With ‘Blackfoot’, an energetic ballad, he pays tribute to Native Americans, of whom he calls ‘truly badass motherfuckers’. Nichols brings it down to a cozy, back-porch feel on the rootsy ‘Come In My Kitchen’, before amping things back up on two live tracks, ‘You Won’t Last’ and ‘Playin’ for Keeps’, recorded live at the Viper Room.

JARED JAMES NICHOLS - Old Glory And The Wild Revival (2015) cd photo

“Old Glory And The Wild Revival” gives us a proper introduction to Jared James Nichols and his diverse talent on the six strings as well as behind the microphone with variations of the classic rock genre strongly bluesy infused.
I think that if an artist has the ability to bring to the present something that makes you want to re-explore the past with even more enjoyment and appreciation for what inspired both of you, that is indeed the mark of a successful artist.
Jared and the guys are opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd on several European tour dates in 2015. Now that’s a bill you gotta see and hear.
“Old Glory And The Wild Revival” is a terrific debut album, and if you dig your Rock with tons of feeling, you need to go out and get this one.
Very Recommended.

01. Playing For Keeps
02. Crazy
03. Let You Go
04. Can You Feel It
05. Now Or Never
06. Haywire
07. All Your Pain
08. Get Down
09. Sometimes
10. Blackfoot
11. Take My Hand
12. Come In My Kitchen
13. You Won’t Last (Live at the Viper Room)
14. Playing For Keeps (Live at the Viper Room)

Jared James Nichols: Guitars, Vocals
Eriik Sandin: Bass
Dennis Holm: Drums


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