BLAZE BAYLEY – The Redemption Of William Black (2018)

BLAZE BAYLEY - The Redemption Of William Black (2018) full

British vocalist BLAZE BAYLEY made himself famous as lead vocalist for IRON MAIDEN between 1994-99, but since the man had an active solo career. Tomorrow March 2 Bayley is releasing his new album “The Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)“.
As its title implies, this is the 3rd and final part of a trilogy started in 2016, followed 2017 with the second part, and now we have its conclusion.

We didn’t posted here on the blog any of the previous parts of Infinite Entanglement. Honestly, we founded them boring, uninspired. And we’re talking about the music, not the story.
Well, this part III is something different.
The concept inspired by sci-fi is ok, and if you missed the previous parts of the history, it works fine anyway.
I mean, the interesting thing here is the music. I know many would think this new album sounds pretty much the same to the previous 2 parts. Almost the same musicians as well.

However, I found “The Redemption of William Black” musically much more inspired.
This album sounds really ’80s, analog, almost dated… yes, with the good and the bad of it. Old-school metal fans will love the vintage riffs and guitar set-up sound, while some listeners would prefer a modern production.
Anyway, for me, “The Redemption of William Black” works for the most part.

Opener “Redeemer” sounds like Iron Maiden, but not the ’90s Bayley era, it sounds like 1981 Iron Maiden. Then you have guitar-driven Euro metal songs with “Immortal One” and “The First True Sign,” the latter which incorporates much more NWOBHM antics into the mix.

This kind of heavy-riff hard n’ heavy continue in following numbers, then the challenge seems to be contained as the more acoustic beginnings of “Life Goes On” interrupt the peace and trudge through the rocky airwaves ahead. In fact, there is a slightly somber reminiscence of the Iron Maiden song ‘2AM’ as is appropriate for Blaze Bayley’s style.

BLAZE BAYLEY - The Redemption Of William Black (2018) inside

Next, on the final frontier of this album comes the ironically-titled tune “The Dark Side Of Black,” which dives further into the Iron Maiden-esque conclusion and pushes out more creative riffs and vocals.
Finalizing “Eagle Spirit” reigns in with its over eight-minutes long, adventurous progressive melodic metal.

In short, Blaze Bayley has a very special set of pipes, and musically, while predictable, will appeal old-school metal fans. It has its charm, almost nostalgic.
As said, this is a very ‘retro’ produced and executed album, so if you like early ’80s European metal, “The Redemption Of William Black” is for you.
Very Recommended

01. Redeemer
02. Are You Here
03. Immortal One
04. The First True Sign
05. Human Eyes
06. Prayers Of Light
07. 18 Days
08. Already Won
09. Life Goes On
10. The Dark Side Of Black
11. Eagle Spirit

Blaze Bayley – Lead Vocals
Chris Appleton – Guitars, Vocals
Karl Schramm – Bass, Vocals
Martin McNee – Drums
Chris Jericho (Fozzy) – guest Vocals (track 6)
Luke Appleton (Iced Earth) – Backing Vocals

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