STONE BROKEN – Ain’t Always Easy [Deluxe Edition Digipak +4]

STONE BROKEN - Ain't Always Easy [Deluxe Edition Digipak +4] full

The previous STONE BROKEN album received an Honorable Mention by this blog as one of the best 2016 debut albums. The Walsall, UK quartet are releasing their new CD “Ain’t Always Easy” tomorrow March 2, where you and hear their evolution.
Stone Broken sound is modern, but these guys blend the best of the old with the best of the new – traditional Brit hard / classic rock with new, fresh sounds / melody for the masses, and have created a stadium-ready kick ass album full of punch.

Opening with “Worth Fighting For”, the young modern hard rockers immediately show how they’ve grown. A song of empowerment, much like their influences, they’ve got one of their own now. Gritty and slightly cynical in places and followed up by “Let Me See it All”, it’s immediately obvious how much they’ve improved as musicians and songwriters.

“Heartbeat Away” paints a dark picture of bullying and domestic violence held in place with Kieron Conroy’s bass work and Robyn Haycock’s unsettlingly mirroring of someone being punched.
Backing onto it is “Home”, lifting the album’s title from its lyrics, it’s the album’s “big ballad” moment with its acoustic leanings. Revisited later with “Anyone”, its lyrics are just as heartfelt but packed just a bit less oomph than the former.

Closing out the disc is “The Only Thing”. Upbeat, complex and exceptionally radio-friendly, it’s far less dark than the rest of the album.

STONE BROKEN - Ain't Always Easy (2018) inside

Stone Broken have always sounded good, now they sound like a million dollars on “Ain’t Always Easy”. It’s a very well produced modern rock record, clear and clean mixed.
Yes, it’s modern hard rock yet with a ‘classic rock melody’ as main focus, and for the most part is darn infectious. It’s noticeable that like their last album, nothing here outstays its welcome – the whole thing is only just over 40 minutes – and the maxim of “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” applies to every track.
Easily one of my favorite modern hard rock acts out there.
Highly Recommended


01 – Worth Fighting For
02 – Let Me See It All
03 – Heartbeat Away
04 – Home
05 – Follow Me
06 – I Believe
07 – Doesn’t Matter
08 – Anyone
09 – Just A Memory
10 – Other Side Of Me
11 – The Only Thing I Need
Bonus Tracks:
12 – Just A Memory [Live In Studio]
13 – Follow Me [Live In Studio]
14 – Doesn’t Matter [Acoustic]
15 – The Only Thing I Need [Acoustic]

Rich Moss – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Chris Davis – Guitar, Vocals
Kieron Conroy – Bass
Robyn Haycock – Drums,Vocals



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