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EVERLEVEL - Hardwork (2018) full

After four years in the making, Spanish band EVERLEVEL is releasing “Hardwork“, their brand new album. These are bunch of experienced musicians that have been working together since the mid-Eighties and under different names.
EverLevel musical style always has been a mix of ’80s inspired melodic hard rock tunes with strong AOR melodies all over.

EverLevel put out an indie album in the early Nineties, then they changed the name to La Fase releasing a self-titled CD which gained a solid reputation and reviews back in the day.
After that they continued playing and recording under the name Arka (one album), and EverLevel again (last album from 2014).

After four years of “Hardwork”, we have this new album, plenty of energetic songs full of melody akin early FM / Overland, Journey, etc.
The overall sound and production is a little ‘rough around the edges’ but that’s the style EverLevel wants, according to the band’s members.

What I like about EverLevel and the songs in “Hardwork”, is their strong keyboard / synth presence on all tracks. The keys are a substantial element in the music, defining the classic AOR orientation.
You have a song titled “AORland”, and that speaks for itself. However, the song (and all into the album) is surrounded by sharp electric guitars providing a muscular attack.

Take a listen above to the single / video “Never Give It Up”, and this give to you a hint of what EverLevel is all about.
It’s all quite catchy, well arranged and professionally recorded, classy stuff for all Melodic Hard Rock / AOR aficionados out there.
Two thumbs up!

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – AORland
02 – Sister of My Lifetime
03 – Falling in Love
04 – Where Are You Now
05 – Over & Over
06 – Never Give It Up
07 – And Just Fly
08 – Only Dreaming
09 – Kiss My Ass
10 – Now We´re Back
11 – Open Your Eyes
12 – Seventeen
13 – W.a.Y.n. (Bonus Track)

Lead vocals and guitars – Javier G.U.
Keyboards and backing vocals – Jesus H.V.
Bass and backing vocals – Ricky P.M.
Drums and percussion – Rafa A.S.


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