JERRY-KELLY (pre-Dakota) – Somebody Else’s Dream [remastered] Out Of Print

JERRY-KELLY (pre-Dakota) - Somebody Else's Dream [remastered] Out Of Print - full

This album was requested here alongside Dakota’s Looking Back retrospective album, and it’s a pleasure to feature here because this is a delicious record: JERRY-KELLY one and only album titled “Somebody Else’s Dream“, remastered plus bonus tracks.
That’s it songwriters / vocalists / guitarists Jerry Hludzik & Bill Kelly, what would become Dakota for the next album.

Having played together in various Philadelphia groups, in 1978 Bill and Jerry teamed up as the JERRY-KELLY band, making use of members from popular local bands. That same year the band was signed to Epic Records under the production team of Danny Seraphine (Chicago drummer at the time), and David “Hawk” Wolinski of Rufus, to record their debut.
Seraphine resulted impressed by the duo’s songwriting skills, and looked to assemble a crew of session musicians that worked more ‘like a band’ to capture JERRY-KELLY’s organic feel.

They found some talented cats in future Chicago member Peter Cetera (bass, backing vocals), skilled guitarist Earl Slick (John Waite, David Coverdale), keyboardist Don Grusin (Lee Ritenour) and several others.
As you may suspect, the sound here moves around the FM rock & pop sound of the era, proto AOR and a bit of smooth Westcoast.
Opener ‘Settle Down’ has some Boston / Tom Scholz on it, a melodious rocker full of charm, heavenly harmony vocals and pumping bass lines from Cetera.

For track number 2, titled ‘Magic’, JERRY-KELLY does some magic indeed. This is an early, proto AOR song with a sound to make waves in years to come. It feels like the first Dakota, REO Speedwagon, etc. Lovely tune and a favorite.

There’s a breezy, sunny Westcoast sound in ‘Dear Love’, for ‘Motel Lovers’ they deliver a suave, elegant ballad embellished by Fender Rhodes piano (akin Airplay / Jay Graydon), then dynamic midtempo ‘Changes’ is another AOR brilliant piece.
Title track ‘Somebody Else’s Dream’ has all the elements to make it big at the time on FM radio, an emotional ballad with great vocals by Jerry.

JERRY-KELLY (pre-Dakota) - Somebody Else's Dream [remastered] back

There’s 2 bonus tracks on this digitally remastered reissue (released by Dakota’s own label some time ago). ‘Fifteen Minute Woman’ has some fusion elements similar to Santana or even the very first Journey, while we have an acoustic version of ‘Dear Love’, showcasing how JERRY-KELLY sounded at its origins, born as an acoustic-based duo.

By 1979, with the band’s next scheduled release due, Columbia Records insisted that the band change its name and after several options were discussed, ‘Dakota’ was chosen. Dakota discography is well documented on this blog, an essential 80s / AOR band.
JERRY-KELLY one and only album “Somebody Else’s Dream” is a gentle, highly enjoyable collection of really good songs. The overall sound is very late Seventies (as Dakota they would develop a pure AOR style later), enhanced by this bright remaster.
Very Recommended

01 – Settle Down
02 – Magic
03 – Silly Boy
04 – Dear Love
05 – Motel Lovers
06 – Changes
07 – You Can Be
08 – Be My Love
09 – Runaway
10 – Somebody Else’s Dream
11 – Fifteen Minute Woman
12 – Dear Love [Acoustic]

Jerry Hludzik – guitar, lead and backing vocals
Bill Kelly – guitar, lead and backing vocals
Peter Cetera – bass, backing vocals
David Hawk Wolinski, Ian Underwood – synthesizer
Cosmo Carboni (Danny Seraphine) – drums
Earl Slick, David Amaro – guitar
Bill Dickinson – additional bass
Tom Donlinger – add. drums
Byron Berline – mandolin
Laudir Deoliveira – percussion
Don Grusin – piano, clavinet, synthesizer
Lee Loughnane – background vocals

Out Of Print

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