W.E.T. – One Live In Stockholm [Digipak version]

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

A couple days ago it was featured here the complete W.E.T. studio discography, and one of you asked for the band’s live release “One Live In Stockholm“, in its physical, Digipak version.
Soon after from recording their sophomore effort ‘Rise Up’, W.E.T. put together a one-off show in Stockholm whose attendance grew mostly through viral web campaign. All was recorded and released by Frontiers Music.

And what a night it must have been with the amazing ball of energy that is Jeff Scott Soto & Erik Mårtensson having a cheeky boyish grin from start to finish, and Robert Säll flitting between guitar, keyboards and backing vocals with supreme ease.
Along with Magnus Henriksson (guitar, backing vocals), Robban Bäck (drums), Andreas Passmark on bass and Work Of Art’s singer Lars Safsund doing vocals on “The Great Fall”, Säll, Mårtensson & Soto have created much more than a ‘live album’ here.

W.E.T. - One Live In Stockholm [Digipak version] booklet

With “One Live In Stockholm” you get a cross section from W.E.T. first 2 albums, with the audience, that night, hearing some of the 3rd album new material for the very first time.
The band also performed several songs from the principal’s respective: there’s “Bleed & Scream” from Eclipse (sung by Erik Martensson), “The Great Fall” from Work Of Art, and two Talisman most known hits; “Mysterious” and “I’ll Be Waiting”.

I’d said much more than a ‘live album’ because if you don’t like this kind of recordings, you must listen this double-CD anyway.
Why? The songs are performed alive but respecting its original length. No unnecessary guitar / drum solos, no pyrotechnics, no bullshit. And it’s truly enjoyable how these terrific compositions come out of the speakers so vital, powerful and melodic but at the same time extremely polished.

W.E.T. - One Live In Stockholm [Digipak version] back

Again, you must listen this double-CD because we have two previously unreleased gems.
Yes, offered as bonus tracks and exclusive to this release, we have a couple of songs recorded during the ‘Rise Up’ sessions: the ultra-melodious “Poison [Numbing The Pain]”, and the excellent ballad “Bigger Than Both Of Us”.

Unlike most ‘modern’ live albums, the energy, spark and joy on stage at this momentous occasion really comes across here on “One Live In Stockholm”.
This document of that night in Stockholm is a must not only for W.E.T. followers, it’s also a mandatory listening for every Melodic Hard Rock fan.

01. Walk Away
02. Learn To Live Again
03. Invincible
04. I’ll Be There
05. Love Heals
06. Rise Up
07. Bleed & Scream (Eclipse)
08. Bad Boy
09. Still Unbroken
10. Broken Wings
11. I’ll Be Waiting (Talisman)

01 – If I Fall
02 – Shot
03 – Comes Down Like Rain
04 – The Great Fall (Work Of Art)
05 – What You Want
06 – Brothers In Arms
07 – Mysterious (Talisman)
08 – One Love
Studio bonus track Rise Up sessions:
09 – Poison [Numbing The Pain]
10 – Bigger Than Both Of Us

Jeff Scott Soto – vocals
Robert Säll – guitar, keyboards and backing vocals
Erik Mårtensson – guitar
Magnus Henriksson – guitar, backing vocals
Robban Bäck – drums
Andreas Passmark- bass
Lars Safsund (Work Of Art) – guest vocals


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