THE CULT – Weapon Of Choice [iTunes exclusive]

THE CULT - Weapon Of Choice [iTunes exclusive] full

Iconic rockers THE CULT are nothing if not enterprising and unconventional with their music and how they release it. After the release of their previous album Choice Of Weapon, the band put out by themselves a “prequel”, cleverly titled “Weapon Of Choice” which reveals songs that are a ‘work in progress’ while the band were working dutifully on the official CD Choice Of Weapon.

“Weapon Of Choice” is a document of a work in progress and offers a unique opportunity to hear The Cult’s process in the studio. The dynamic ten tracks on this release were recorded when The Cult returned to the studio in 2011 with producer Chris Goss and serve as a looking glass into the creative process and foundation behind Choice Of Weapon.
Call it ‘recording sessions’ or whatever you like it, but these are finished songs and professionally recorded, produced and mixed.

So “Weapon of Choice” is a new The Cult album in all aspects, it is just released – digital only – by themselves without a label fanfare.
“Weapon of Choice” was released exclusively on iTunes. It was available for a limited time, but now The Cult, due to fans and collectors demand, made it available again.
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01 – Aurora
02 – Blackie
03 – The Bones
04 – Decado
05 – Elemental
06 – Gibraltar
07 – Twisted and Bleeding
08 – Militant
09 – Supreme
10 – Lucifer

Ian Astbury – Vocals
Billy Duffy – Guitars
Chris Wyse – Bass
John Tempesta – Drums


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