STRYPER – The Yellow And Black Attack [Japan Edition + Rare Original 1984 EP / Different Mix]

STRYPER - The Yellow And Black Attack [Japan Edition + Original EP] full

Many of you asked for STRYPER more celebrated ’80s records in a fresh remastered form. But none of classic Stryper albums have been remastered with ‘modern’ technology / equipment.
Their first LP’s received a ‘vintage’ Nineties remastering (beefed up gain), and Michael Sweet did his own ‘retouch’ to To Hell With The Devil in 2000’s. But nothing more.

Additionally, ’80s Stryper albums have been reissued / re-released several times, with added tracks, different artworks, etc.
So the question is: which edition is the best sounding from each?
Let’s start with “The Yellow And Black Attack“, Stryper’s first full length album.

Initially released in 1984, “The Yellow And Black Attack” was in fact a six-song EP, and fewer than 20,000 (only vinyl and cassette) copies were pressed, as their label, Enigma Records, was unsure of the potential.
Remember this part of the review later…

The album was re-recorded and released as an official album after their first manager, Daryn Hinton, loaned them $100,000 to re-produce the record. The album initially sold 150,000 units in the first three weeks.

After Stryper achieved major success with their second release ‘Soldiers Under Command’, “The Yellow and Black Attack” was re-released on August 10, 1986, with two additional songs, “Reason for the Season” and a new, mellowed-down version of “My Love I’ll Always Show”, which dates from their early days, when the band were called Roxx Regime.

I have tested several editions of this album over the years; the ‘supposedly’ remastered Enigma Records CD reissue, the LP vinyl from 1986, the Hollywood Records 90s ‘remaster’, and the original Japanese 1986 CD.
To my experience, the LP vinyl was one of the best, but the best of all is “The Yellow And Black Attack – Japanese Edition”, which includes a bonus track, and reproduces the artwork of that very early EP. At the time – 1986 – Japanese CD manufacturing was far superior in quality to any other part of the world.
So here it is, the chosen one is this “The Yellow And Black Attack – Japanese Edition“.

STRYPER - The Yellow And Black Attack [Japan Edition + Original EP] back

But wait, there’s more… I wrote above “remember this part”… where I mention “The Yellow And Black Attack” very first, indie six-song EP release.
Around 20,000 copies (only vinyl and cassette) were pressed, and now are true collectors items.
Here you have, as bonus, the original recorded version of “The Yellow And Black Attack”. It’s taken from cassette, but it sounds very good for testing purposes… and to collect a very rare album.

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Re-release 1986 – Japanese Edition:
01 – Loud ‘N’ Clear
02 – From Wrong To Right
03 – My Love I’ll Always Show
04 – You Know What To Do
05 – Co’Mon Rock
06 – You Won’t Be Lonely
07 – Loving You
08 – Reason For The Season
09 – Winter Wonderland [Japan Bonus]

Original EP recording 1984 / Rare
01 – Loud ‘N’ Clear [Original EP]
02 – From Wrong To Right [Original EP]
03 – You Know What To Do [Original EP]
04 – Co’Mon Rock [Original EP]
05 – You Won’t Be Lonely [Original EP]
06 – Loving You [Original EP]

Michael Sweet – lead vocals, guitar
Robert Sweet – drums
Oz Fox – lead guitar, background vocals
Tim Gaines – bass, keyboards, background vocals


Only at 0dayrox

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  1. Alan Payton says:

    Good day,

    I would like to purchase the the original 6 song EP of Yellow and Black Attack by Stryper. I much prefer the mix compared to the later re-issue. I understand that a cassette to cd transfer is available from the original 6 song version. Could you give me all of the details on how to find this. Thank you.

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