BIG MOUTHERS – Wishes (2018)

BIG MOUTHERS - Wishes (2018) full

BIG MOUTHERS was formed in May 2014 as a cover band in Barcelona, Spain. In a few months they managed to establish themselves as the most popular and requested cover band in the country, averaging 200 shows a year. But it was time to splash to the world their own penned songs, and that’s happening today May 10 with the release of Big Mouther’s debut album “Wishes“.
And believe me, this is one of the best Melodic Rock debuts of the year.

Big Mouthers become known for their ’80s classic songs covers, but also for specialized tribute shows to Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. So I guess you know what to expect from “Wishes”.
At places, Big Mouthers reminds me of Guru, another excellent band from Barcelona, a city where melodic rock and classic rock has a strong following crowd.
But while Guru strongly sounds like Mr. Big, in the case of Big Mouthers’ the spectrum of influences is wider.

After the initial bites of opener, title track ‘Wishes’ the first thing that impresses is the clean, polished production. Then the ’80s keyboards and the pumping bass lines, and while the verses are modern, the chorus is to die for. Think H.E.A.T meets Vega. WOW… just WOW.
Yeah, Nacho Ibanez’s English has a little accent, but this adds even more charm to his terrific pipes. This guy born to sing Melodic Rock, ’80s melodies.

Next, ‘Stupid War’ is a fantastic hymn, a melodic rocker with that classic ‘packed stadium’ feel. Clever guitars / mix, very well arranged harmony vocals and terrific production (self managed).
More quality Melodic Rock arrives with the catchy ‘Fantasy of Love’, the ridiculously contagious ‘Better Go Slow’, and the more groovy ‘Taste of Love’.
The punchy ‘Keep the Faith’ is where the guys bring to mind Guru, another anthemic rocker with some Mr. Big / Eric Martin on it.

‘I Don’t Want to Live Forever’ is a highlight among highlights; it mixes strong guitar riffs (always extremely clean) with modern synths / keys and panned vocals & harmonies all over. Seriously, the arrangements / production / mix in this song is among the best I recently heard in a Melodic Rock song.
Awesome, and one to add to my ‘best of the year’ tracklist.

Of course, an ’80s inspired melodic rock album needs a power ballad, and Big Mouthers deliver the goods. With a certain Bon Jovi touch, ‘Wonderland’ is a delicate, perfectly crafted melodious ballad with acoustics and, again, lots of wonderful layers of harmonies.

BIG MOUTHERS - Wishes (2018) inside

The band tries something different with ‘Where the Sinners Get Lost’, a melodic rocker but with funky guitars and some sax lines and poppy choruses.
And to confirm Big Mouthers are a great cover band, they do a version of ‘My Way’ (made popular by Frank Sinatra). It’s arranged by themselves into a melodic hard rock shape, but very clean, and sounds great.

Coming out of nowhere – at least for me – Big Mouthers “Wishes” is one of the surprises of the year.
These guys not only nailed the sound & scence of an era, thay also add their own modern touch resulting into a superb cocktail of AORish Melodic Rock.
Sweden anyone? No, these guys are from Spain / Barcelona, and are equally good to the new wave from the Scandinavian scene.

01 – Wishes
02 – Stupid War
03 – Fantasy of Love
04 – Where the Sinners Get Lost
05 – Better Go Slow
06 – Wonderland
07 – Taste of Love
08 – I Don’t Want to Live Forever
09 – Keep the Faith
10 – My Way

Nacho Ibanez (lead vocals)
JB Ibanez (guitars, vocals)
Ivan Fuste (bass, vocals)


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