EMERGENCY – Martial Law [digitally remastered]

EMERGENCY - Martial Law [digitally remastered] full

Now this is one of the best remastered reissues recently done; “Martial Law“, by Dutch melodic hard rock / AOR ’80s act EMERGENCY – not to be confused with the German / Swiss band of the same name & era.
“Martial Law”, simply put, is one of the most awesome keyboard-driven AOR albums appeared in Europe during the second half of the Eighties, and one that deserves a place alongside your Zinatra, 1st Avenue, Dalton, Skagarack, etc CD collection.

The history of Dutch rockers Emergency dates back to 1985, when Jos Antonissen (bass) and Frans Limonard (guitar) approached Coen Van Hoof (keyboards) about forming a new band. By April of 1986, Emergency was born, and with the help of former Picture manager Henk van Antwerpen, landed ex- Picture frontman, British Pete Lovell on vocals.
With production duties by expert Erwin Musper (Danger Danger, Craaft, Zinatra, Scorpions) who for sure knows a thing or two about handling keyboard oriented bands and how to bring the best out of them, Emergency recorded “Martial Law” at ML Studio and Wisseloord Studios (Holland) in 1987.

The result was a wonderful keyboard-driven slice of Euro AOR plenty of catchy choruses and hook galore. Lovell has the perfectc vocal tone for this kind of material plus his British origin guaratee accent-free.
There is a uniqueness to Emergency’s sound, in particular the awesome drum work of Hedwig Spijkers, distinctive in the same way that Jos Zoomer was for Vandenberg, and the dexterous keyboard / synth work supplied by Van Hoof, in the best Mic Michaeli (Europe) / Ola Lindstrom (Dalton) vein.

“Martial Law” is plenty of excellent songs to get excited about. The band set it up initially with the pomp blast that becomes ‘Hiding In The Shadow’. An easily memorable effort with a recognizable chorus. The catchy ‘All Runnin’ Wild’ is to this album what ‘Cherokee’ was to Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’.
‘Reaching Out’ shifts back to straight melodic rock fare, followed by the sweet Scandi-like power ballad ‘Please Say Please Me’.

The band shift up a gear into the faster-paced ‘Maybe It’s Love’ with the sharp incisive keyboard bursts adding the color. ‘Across The Desert Sands’ is more epic taking the imagery of Egypt and the Pyramids for this midtempo pearl.

Then arrives the fantastic pairing of ‘Running Out Of Miracles’ and ‘Upside Down’. Both strong keyboard dominated rockers / AOR tunes delivered with musicianship top class taste in the arrangements.
‘Just One Precious Moment’ is another power ballad where things ease up a bit, but thankfully it’s only fleeting as the album closer ‘Dangerous’ finishes things off with the right intention, a sonic blast of pure ’80 European melodic hard rock.

But despite its huge potential and some positive attention from Dutch radio, Martial Law’s two singles failed to make waves, writing for the follow-up stalled, and the members of Emergency went their separate ways.

EMERGENCY - Martial Law [digitally remastered] back

For years out of print and much sought after by AOR / MR fans, now, nearly 30 years after its original street date, Divebomb Records is proud to unearth this overlooked treasure with a proper digitally remastered CD reissue of “Martial Law”.
A MUST HAVE cult classic

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Hiding In The Shadow
02 – All Runnin’ Wild
03 – Reaching Out
04 – Please, Say Please Me
05 – Maybe It’s Love
06 – Across The Desert Sands
07 – Running Out Of Miracles
08 – Upside Down
09 – Just One Precious Moment
10 – Dangerous

Peter Lovell – vocals
Frans Limonard – guitars
Coen Van Hoof – keyboards
Jos Antonissen – bass
Hedwig Spijkers – drums


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