FRED MIKA – Withdrawal Symptoms (2018)

FRED MIKA - Withdrawal Symptoms (2018) full

Founder of melodic rockers Sunroad (their last album featured here), FRED MIKA announces the release of his first solo album “Withdrawal Symptoms“, featuring several cameos of international musicians providing lead vocals, such as Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch, April Wine), Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova, M.S.G., Phantom V), Rod Marenna (Marenna), Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters), and more.

A renowned drummer in the Brazilian rock scene, Mika also is songwriter, and apart of his contributions to his band Sunroad, he wanted to record his own solo album. “Withdrawal Symptoms” is a truly international recording, featuring vocalists from Canada, Germany, France, etc.
Mika’s love for classic hard rock / melodic hard is evident throughout the album, as heard in midtempo “Wired In” – featuring Canadian Carl Dixon on lead vocals – a song with some Joe Lynn Turner feeling all over.

“Artwork Nightmare” featuring German Michael Voss of M.S.G. / Phantom V fame is more upbeat, some kind of ’80s Deep Purple, as it is the groovy “Sly Side Effect” where Brazilian Haig Berberian (Dogman) perform strong lead vocals.
“Silence in Heaven” has an ’80s German hard rock touch – featuring his Sunroad bandmate Andre Adonis, while “Saints Spirits Slave Sinners” with Rod Marenna on vocals obviously has a melodic rock orientation.

“First Day Without You” is the ballad on the album filled with acoustic guitars, featuring Mika’s friends Daniel Vargas (from AORsters Adellaide) and well known musician Tito Falaschi.
“Dawning of Aquarius” with French Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters) is more metallic but unnecessary long, “Second Skin Arena” inspired by ’80s classic melodic metal, and “Miss Misery” (again with Sunroad André Adonis at the mic) is groovier with a bluesy undertone.

FRED MIKA - Withdrawal Symptoms (2018) back

Fred Mika’s debut album “Withdrawal Symptoms” is classic hard rock, with a very entertaining first half and a not so second. Songwriting on the last three tracks is not as consistent as on the previous. The guest vocalists are good – especially the well known – and production is fine.
Overall, “Withdrawal Symptoms” is a solid record, classic stuff from all times.

01. The Coming of Symptoms
02. Wired In (feat. Carl Dixon)
03. Artwork Nightmare (feat. Michael Voss)
04. Sly Side Effect (feat. Haig Berberian)
05. Silence in Heaven (feat. Andre Adonis)
06. Saints Spirits Slave Sinners (feat. Rod Marenna)
07. First Day Without You (feat. Daniel Vargas & Tito Falashi)
08. Sharppia
09. Dawning of Aquarius (feat. Steph Honde)
10. Second Skin Arena (feat. Mario Pastore)
11. Miss Misery (feat. André Adonis)

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