PERFECT VIEW – Timeless (2018)

PERFECT VIEW - Timeless (2018) full

Now signed by Lions Pride Music, Italian melodic rockers PERFECT VIEW will release their third opus titled Timeless on October 29, 2018.
With already two solid albums under their belt, “Timeless” should be their most complete album to date where they have refined the songwriting with more elaborated arrangements, stronger harmonies, and catchier hooks / choruses in the traditional Euro melodic rock / AOR style.

“Timeless” showcases a step further in Perfect View’s career; the band achieved to include the best elements from their first two releases plus an edgier approach, plus incorporating lite progressive touches at the service of the melodic rock pulse, resulting in a more enjoyable, complete piece of work.

The first couple of tracks, “Stop Me Kill Me Leave Me” and “Can’t Stop The Fire”, are perfect examples of what to expect from the new album; soaring lead vocals, tight rhythm section, layers of guitars, and majestc choruses.
Now production & mix are top notch, something the previous albums miss at places. Everything sounds polished, clear, bright melodious.

“Your Love Is Gone” is a beautiful ballad and reminds me of the American very early ’90s bands / production style, while in “Don’t Look Back” Perfect View delivers a fast-paced melodic hard rock monster that is probably one of the new album best moments.
The more technical and groovier “Fallin'” is just killer, then things are balanced with a more easy listening approach on songs like the AORish “Lorelai” (brings to mind Lionville) and “Outlaw”, the latter with some fun Van Halen-type guitar licks to enjoy.

With “Promises” we have yet another winner, a wonderful uptempo AOR tune that will please every melodic fan out there. There’s lots of keyboards here, resulting into a very European sounding track recalling great Swedes Grand Illusion.
As said, Perfect View have grown here, and while some would think too much risky into a melodic rock album, they try something different with title track “Timeless”.

PERFECT VIEW - Timeless (2018) inside

Instead of recycling their sound & style of old, Perfect View offers something different with “Timeless. The classic melodic rock / AOR fashion is still here in spades, even with better catchy choruses, yet the guys decided to add some new ideas, resulting, in balance, a much complete product.
Kudos to these Italians for delivering one of the most interesting albums of the year in this musical genre.
Highly Recommended


01. Stop Me, Kill Me, Leave Me
02. Can’t Stop the Fire
03. Shades of Us
04. Your Love Is Gone
05. Don’t Look Back
06. No Regrets
07. Fallin’
08. Promises
09. Outlaw
10. Lorelai
11. Timeless
12. Let It Go

Marco Ciancio: Lead vocals
Francesco “Joe” Cataldo: Guitars and backing vocals
Luca “Luke” Ferraresi: Drums
Frank Paulis: Bass and backing vocals
Marco Tedeschi: Keyboards



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