EDEN’S CURSE – Testament : The Best Of Eden’s Curse (2018)

EDEN'S CURSE - Testament : The Best Of Eden’s Curse (2018) full

“Testament – The Best Of Eden’s Curse” is EDEN’S CURSE 2-disc set to be released this month featuring 14 songs covering all their five studio albums on CD1, and a bonus disc ‘The Best Of The Bonus Tracks’ on CD 2, which includes a brand new 2018 song ‘Forever’.
‘Forever’ was written by Paul Logue and Thorsten Koehne, mixed by the band’s former drummer Pete Newdeck (Midnite City, Tainted Nation, Steve Grimmett) and mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).
Disc 1, ‘The Best Of Eden’s Curse’, has been remastered by Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69).

A multinational, Europe-based combo blending elements of Hard Rock, Metal, AOR and Progressive into their own unique sound, Eden’s Curse is one of the most versatile rocking bands appeared this Century.

“We have two very definite periods of the band – says Scottish bassist / founder Paul Logue – with two vocalists, almost like the Old and New Testaments, which was the influence behind the title and the artwork of ‘The Best Of Eden’s Curse’.
Working closely with AFM Records we compiled a one disc collection that flows exactly like a concert setlist and gives the new listener a perfect introduction to our music and the avid fan a collection of the greatest songs in our arsenal“.

Logue goes onto add “We are very much a band that listens to our fans and one thing we have been asked a lot is – can we have all the bonus tracks on one CD? It’s taken a while, but it’s here at last and with the added bonus of a brand new song called ‘Forever‘.

I actually wrote ‘Forever‘ way back in 2005 for Pink Cream 69’s singer David Readman’s solo album. His label pushed him in a more AOR direction, so I always kept this one on the back burner – ‘Sign Of The Cross‘ came from the same session.
I always knew it would see the light of day and Thorsten and I reworked it and made it more in keeping with where we are today as a band. Back then, I had just read Dan Brown’s brilliant novel ‘Angels & Demons‘ and the lyrics are based around that whole story.“

EDEN'S CURSE - Testament : The Best Of Eden’s Curse (2018) back

Indeed, “Testament – The Best Of Eden’s Curse” compiles the best songs from Eden’s Curse, featuring guest appearances by the likes of James LaBrie, Andy Deris, Liv Krsitine and Pamela Moore, all served with a proper remastering as there was dynamic range differences between the old and newest material.
We have a new song and the relevant bonus tracks (mostly from Japanese editions) all into one bonus CD.

So not only this release is the perfect introduction to the band’s music, but also to have a killer selection of punchy rockers all into a 2-CD set.
Highly Recommended

CD 1 : The Best Of Eden’s Curse
01 – Symphony of Sin
02 – Masquerade Ball
03 – Black Widow (feat Andy Deris)
04 – The Great Pretender
05 – Fly Away
06 – No Holy Man (feat James LaBrie)
07 – Sell Your Soul
08 – Jerusalem Sleeps
09 – Unconditional (feat Liv Krsitine)
10 – Judgement Day
11 – Jericho
12 – Unbreakable
13 – Evil & Divine
14 – Angels & Demons (feat Pamela Moore)

CD 2 : Best Of The Bonus Tracks
01 – Forever (New Song 2018)
02 – Man Against the Wold (2016 Version)
03 – Time to Breathe (2013)
04 – Fallen from Grace (Acoustic Version)
05 – Unchain the Night
06 – Children of the Tide (Piano Version)
07 – Never the Sinner
08 – Guardian Angel (Acoustic Version)
09 – Prisoner of the Past
10 – Sail On (Acoustic Version)
11 – After the Love Is Gone (Acoustic Version)
12 – Fly Away (Acoustic Demo Version)
13 – The Voice Inside (Acoustic Demo Version)
14 – Eden’s Curse (Acoustic Demo Version)

Nikola Mijic (Vocals)
Thorsten Koehne (Guitars)
Paul Logue (Bass)
Chrism Pulkkinen (Keyboards)
John Clelland (Drums)
Michael Eden (Vocals)
Ferdy Doernberg (Keyboards)
Pete Newdeck (Drums)


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