Lars Eric Mattsson’s VISION – Till The End Of Time [remastered / remixed] (2017)

Lars Eric Mattsson's VISION - Till The End Of Time [remastered / remixed] (2017) full

Lion Music has started a reissue campaign of all Lars Eric Mattsson’s VISION albums, the band the Swedish guitarist started in the early ’90s. We already featured the first 3, now let’s go with the 20th Anniversary reissue of “Till The End Of Time“, originally appeared in 1997.
This new version has been remastered, features completely new mixes, some new guitar solos, while keyboards and all bass have been re-recorded. Three songs on the original version have been replaced by others from the same 1997 sessions, and there’s a new artwork.

As you see, this “Till The End Of Time” is almost a completely new album.
After the band’s recording label entered into bankrupt, Mattsson was very disappointed with the industry and was very close to quitting music.
However after some time he found the creative spark again and started working on another Vision album in 1997, this time with singer Randolph Reymers who sung backup vocals on the previous Vision recordings.

This time Mattsson was looking for a more melodic AOR vibe, and the band recorded about 15 songs in this vein. A Japanese record label (who ended up walking away) was interested but argued that the music was too soft, so Lars decided to add a few unused tracks from his solo 1994 CD Astral Groove sessions. Finally, the album was released with these 3 tracks on it.
The truth is that those three songs were quite good but didn’t really fit in with the rest of the AOR material. This is the reason now Mattsson decided to reissue the album 2017 more like it was intended to be from day one.

“Till The End Of Time” 2017 is indeed a much more ‘light’ record than the previous Lars Eric Mattsson’s Vision records. In fact, this is a set of songs with a rock&pop direction, still with an AOR foundation all over.
There’s uptempo rockers such as “Surrender to Love, the slightly Rainbow influenced “Look in Your Eyes” and “River of Love” all in the vein of the first Vision.

The new songs never heard before finally available after 20 years are “We Can Make It Together” (some Boston on it), the AORish “Want You for Real”, and the light “Angel of My Dreams”, probably some of the most pop oriented music Mattsson have ever done.
You have ballads too, like title track and “Goodnight.”

The re-recorded parts, remix & remastering has benefited this reissue of “Till The End Of Time”, a solid album from Lars Eric Mattsson’s VISION, perhaps their more mature and varied record with, of course, a lot of guitar work but always at the service of the song.

01 – Surrender to Love
02 – Want You For Real
03 – Open Up Your Heart
04 – Look in Your Eyes
05 – Angel of My Dreams
06 – Till the End of Time
07 – We Can Make It Together
08 – River of Love
09 – I Belong to You
10 – Just Take a Walk
11 – Out of Love
12 – Goodnight

Randolph Reymers – Vocals
Lars Eric Mattsson – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Christer Jansson – Drums

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