SHARK ISLAND – S’Cool Bus (Deluxe Edition remastered & expanded) (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*

SHARK ISLAND - S'Cool Bus (Deluxe Edition remastered & expanded) (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

SHARK ISLAND‘s first, indie 1986-87 album ”S’Cool Bus” has been remastered and will be released on CD for the first time with bonus tracks via Deko Entertainment.
Shark Island was once the house band at the world-famous Gazzaris on the Sunset Strip. Signed to Epic Records in 1989 the band released their debut album “Law of The Order”, and also saw the tracks ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Father Time’ featured in the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, as well as the song ‘My City’ from the movie Point Break.
But many prefer SHARK ISLAND’s original, raw, sleazy sound of their origins, and all that LA street-rock aura is present all over ”S’Cool Bus (Deluxe Edition remastered)”.

“S’cool Bus” is where it all started, with tracks produced by Rick Derringer and capturing the band during the heyday of the Sunset Strip. This hidden gem is remastered and repackaged along with bonus tracks ‘Bang A Gong (Live)’ and ‘I’m Electric (Original Studio Recording)’. Both are taken from the same time period and make for a great addition to the original recordings for this “Deluxe Edition”.

This is a powerful souvenir of a bygone era on the Sunset strip, and a real gem for those who wish they were there. It will never happen again.
Killer rocking stuff

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01 – Déjà vu
02 – Sex Drive
03 – Excess Marks The Spot
04 – Here Come Trouble
05 – Puss N Boots
06 – Read My Lips
07 – Automatic Girls
08 – New York, New York
09 – Palace of Pleasure
10 – Bang A Gong (Live) [Bonus Track]
11 – I’m Electric (Original Studio Recording) [Bonus Track]

Richard Black – Vox, lead vocals
Spencer Sercombe – guitars, vocals
Walt Woodward lll – drums, vocals
Tom Rucci – bass, vocals, keyboards
Michael Guy – guitar, bass


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