LOVERBOY – Get Lucky [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

LOVERBOY - Get Lucky [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Rock Candy Records has done their own remastered version of LOVERBOY‘s most beloved ’80s album ”Get Lucky”, a fully 24-bit treatment from the original source tapes. The Vancouver slick melodic act became one of the most successful Canadian acts in America with their self-titled debut including the single hits “Turn Me Loose” and “The Kid Is Hot Tonite” which sold more than 2 million copies.
This follow up “Get Lucky”, which was produced again by Bruce Fairbairn got released in 1981 and followed the same musical paths with augmented radio potential. With the first single release “Working For The Weekend” they would score an even bigger single hit and secured their status as Canada’s best selling melodic rock act ever.
While previous remastered versions of “Get Lucky” are a really good, this Rock Candy fresh release not only sounds huge and detailed, but also makes this essential album available again.

After making a promising start with their self-titled debut, Loverboy hit the big time with second album “Get Lucky”. This canny combination of AOR hooks and melodic rock / new wave production gloss boasts some memorable radio-ready tunes.
You have the timeless classic ‘Working for the Weekend’, a party anthem that blends some gutsy hard-rock guitar riffs with a synthesizer-drenched arrangement to become a huge hit, while “The Lucky Ones” layers clever lyrics about the jealousy that success inspires in others over a song that mixes pomp rock grandeur with a punchy AOR arrangement full of gutsy yet slick guitar riffs.

Loverboy got additional airplay with “When It’s Over,” a moody power ballad that boasts a show-stoppingly emotional vocal performance from Mike Reno, and “Take Me to the Top,” a sleek mid-tempo piece built on a hypnotic synthesizer arrangement experimenting with non-conventional song structure.
‘Gangs in the Street’ rocks and ‘Jump’ is also excellent with its great guitar riff, solid drumming, and a certain urgency and seriousness that give it strength and power. “Lucky Ones” is a song about how some people have better luck than others. Loverboy does a good job at making social commentary.

Loverboy’s “Get Lucky” is a classic. Who doesn’t remember the iconic cover artwork with the question made for years: Who wears the red leather pants in Loverboy’s cover? Not so long ago it was revealed that the model wearing the leather pants was 13-year-old Tymara Kennedy, daughter of photographer David Michael Kennedy who shot the cover.
With the unmistakable production by the great Bruce Fairbairn, “Get Lucky” is pure ’80s.
A Must Have Classic

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01 – Working For The Weekend
02 – When It’s Over
03 – Jump
04 – Gangs In The Street
05 – Emotional
06 – Lucky Ones
07 – It’s Your Life
08 – Watch Out
09 – Take Me To The Top

Mike Reno – vocals
Paul Dean – guitar, vocals
Doug Johnson – keyboards
Scott Smith – bass, vocals
Matt Frenette – drums
Nancy Nash, Maggie Ryder – background vocals



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