MIKE TRAMP – The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Disc 5 WHITE LION Big Game Demos *Exclusive*

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Disc 5 WHITE LION Big Game Demos - full

Here’s the remaining discs from the superb MIKE TRAMP’s “The Bootleg Series”, a private 7-CD Box collection released some time ago in a very, very limited quantity only via Tramp’s website.
This Box includes all Mike Tramp recordings since his early days with STUDS, then DANISH LIONS, WHITE LION’S pre-production / unreleased stuff, and more.
The name “Bootleg Series” is just to give the release some ‘charm’. I assure that the sound quality is not ‘bootleg’ at all, but mostly excellent, first rate.

Disc 5 features the high quality pre-production recordings from White Lion’s album “Big Game”.
Only just a month after finishing 18th month touring the world, White Lion were back in the studio in Los Angeles, doing pre-production with Michael Wagener at the knobs.

According to Mike Tramp, it was a strange feeling for the band being back into the studio, even if it was only the demo stage of the their new album.
Vito and Mike had spent a week in a Palm Springs Motel writing / polishing most of the material for ‘Big Game’.

Compared to ‘Pride’ which they wrote and played over a 3 year period, the creation of the ‘Big Game’ album turned a bit too rushed for them, but results were more than satisfactory with some of the best songs in the band’s history.
The demos tell a bit of the story about the ‘pressure’ from the recording label to get a new album as soon as possible.

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Disc 5 WHITE LION Big Game Demos - inlay

These demos sound terrific, and some songs, in my opinion, have a better feeling than the definitive versions that ended into the LP.
Also included on this CD as bonus are a longer version of “Cherokee” and “Cry For Freedom” unplugged (complete with keyboard arrangements), that being the last recording Vito and Mike did together in February ’91. Fabulous stuff.

This is one of my favorite CD’s from this already awesome Box-set.
A true collector’s item

01 – Goin’ Home Tonight
02 – Baby Be Mine
03 – Don’t Say It’s Over
04 – Broken Home
05 – If My Mind Is Evil
06 – Cry For Freedom
07 – Dirty Woman
08 – Living On The Edge
09 – Let’s Get Crazy
10 – Little Fighter
11 – Till Death Do Us Part
12 – Cherokee (Acoustic, Feb. 1991)
13 – Cry For Freedom (Acoustic, Feb. 1991)

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box]


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