MIKE TRAMP – The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Disc 4 WHITE LION Pride Take One 86 *Exclusive*

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Today we are presenting a must have collectors item: MIKE TRAMP’s “The Bootleg Series”, a private 7-CD Box collection released some time ago in a very, very limited quantity only via Tramp’s website.
This Box includes all Mike Tramp recordings since his early days with STUDS, then DANISH LIONS, WHITE LION’S pre-production / unreleased stuff, and more.
The name “Bootleg Series” is just to give the release some ‘charm’. I assure that the sound quality is not ‘bootleg’ at all, but mostly excellent, first rate.

Disc 4 is features the process of WHITE LION album Pride, from working tapes to the original recording in Germany later discarded. If you love “Pride”, this unreleased set will KILL you.

This is indeed, Pride Take One ‘86. This is the full album recorded and mixed at Hotline studio Frankfurt in ‘86, and includes “Say Goodbye” which is not on the ’87 Atlantic Records album.
No more than a minute after they mixed the last song, the band knew that this wasn’t what they want to be their next album. It was reconfirmed when the band managers George and Michael picked Vito and Mike up from Kennedy airport, and all listened to it in the car stereo.

White Lion spent the next half-year re-writing and re-arranging the songs, and in January went out to Los Angeles to record the “Pride” album again, with Michael Wagener as producer.

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Many of the versions in this early recording / mix are very different from what became the final album a year later. Also included on this CD, are the original demos / working tapes the band did in Brooklyn before going to Germany.

A true collector’s item

01 – Hungry (Work Tape)
02 – Lonely Nights (Work Tape)
03 – Sweet Little Lovin’ (Work Tape)
04 – Say Goodbye (Work Tape)
05 – Turn It Up (Work Tape)
06 – Wait (Work Tape)
07 – All Join Our Hands (Work Tape)

08 – Hungry (The Original Recording)
09 – Lonely Nights (The Original Recording)
10 – Sweet Little Lovin’ (The Original Recording)
11 – Say Goodbye (The Original Recording)
12 – Lady Of The Valley (The Original Recording)
13 – All Join Our Hands (The Original Recording)
14 – Tell Me (The Original Recording)
15 – Turn It Up (The Original Recording)
16 – Wait (The Original Recording)
17 – When The Children Cry (The Original Recording)

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box]


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