BERLEV’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HOTEL – You Can Make It! (2018)

BERLEV’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HOTEL - You Can Make It! (2018) full

In the ’70s, Søren Berlev was drummer in Gasolin, one of Denmark’s most iconic rock bands ever. The group was one of the big acts, if not the biggest, in Denmark ever, being also very popular in Norway and Sweden. Fast forward 2018 and after many other bands / projects, the veteran musician is presenting his BERLEV’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HOTEL and their debut album “You Can Make It!”

The band’s name speaks for themselves; Berlev and his guys play Rock n’ Roll. Sometimes hard rockin’, sometimes with a bit of power pop, sometimes balladistic and always spotted with energy.
Berlev has been working for years writing new material and has gathered a band that manages to convey the music in a vibrant, engaging and melodic way.

Conjuring Berlev’s experience and years on the road, the band is completed with the freshness of young yet talented folks Erik Winther on guitar, Søren Fjalland on bass and vocalist Esben Hegelund, a dude with lots of swagger.
Listening to “You Can Make It!” imagine a cross between The Darkness / The Answer type of rock, some classic rock such a Rival Sons or Black Crowes, and the hard rocking melodious vibrancy of Thin Lizzy.

Of course like most Scandinavian bands everything is polished and precise, riff driven classic rock n’ roll. Having expert Dane Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Rainbow) producing behind the desk helps a lot to create a true R ‘n R vibe.
Highly Recommended

01 – Don’t Fool Me
02 – Let’s Go to the Movies
03 – Walking to the Sunset
04 – In the Midnight Magic
05 – That’s What I Love
06 – I Got the Rhythm
07 – Push-Push
08 – Sad Radio
09 – The Full Moon
10 – You Can Make It
11 – Troubles

Esben Hegelund – vocals
Erik Winther – guitar
Søren Fjalland – bass
Søren Berlev – drums, vocals


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