TOTO & Friends – The Jeff Porcaro Tribute Concert (2017)

TOTO & Friends - The Jeff Porcaro Tribute Concert (2017) full

TOTO & Friends : The Jeff Porcaro Tribute Concert, has been reissued last year in a quality never heard before. This was recorded back in 1992 at Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California, just some months after the loss of one of the greatest drummers in the world / all categories: Mr. Jeffrey Porcaro.
Alongside the Toto crew, there’s some impressive guests including Eddie Van Halen, Michael McDonald, Don Henley, George Harrison, Boz Scaggs and more.

“The Jeff Porcaro Tribute Concert” is considered as an ‘official bootleg’ by the Toto family. It was released on CD the past decade, but while the recording sound quality is pretty good, it was poorly mastered / tracked.
Now it has been re-released with a fine track sequence and sound.

All the classic songs are here, we have great musicianship as usual with Toto and superb guests, but you gotta check Eddie Van Halen’s participation.
Eddie plays all over Toto’s classic ‘Hold the Line’, but he especially shine in a killer guitar fight with Steve Lukather during VH’s ‘Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love and Hendrix’s ‘Fire’, both on fire indeed.

This re-release is the best sounding version you can get, a soundboard take yet well done.
And yes, before you ask, Toto’s new limited edition Box-set “ALL IN”, their definitive collection fully remastered, will be featured at this blog soon…
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Gypsy Train
02 – Child’s Anthem
03 – I’ll Supply the Love
04 – I’ll Be over You
05 – I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)
06 – Takin’ It to the Streets
07 – Georgy Porgy
08 – 99
09 – If It’s the Last Night
10 – Angela
11 – I Won’t Hold You Back
12 – Don’t Stop Me Now
13 – Africa / Percussion Solo
14 – Chain Lightning
15 – Josie
16 – Little Wing
17 – Kingdom of Desire
18 – Lowdown
19 – Lido Shuffle
20 – Angel Don’t Cry
21 – Don’t Chain My Heart
22 – Rosanna
23 – Dirty Laundry
24 – You Better Hang Up
25 – Come Rain or Come Shine
26 – Fire (with Eddie Van Halen)
27 – Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love (with Eddie Van Halen)
28 – Hold the Line (with Eddie Van Halen)
29 – With a Little Help from My Friends

Steve Lukather – Guitars & Vocals
David Paich – Keyboards & Vocals
Mike Porcaro – Bass
Simon Phillips – Drums
Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Chris Trujillo, Lenny Castro – Percussion
John James, Paulette Browne, Jackie Mahgee – Bkg Vocals
Special Guests:
Michael McDonald – vocals 5, 6
Don Henley – drums, vocals 24, 24, 25
Donald Fagen – vocals 14, 15
Boz Scaggs – vocals 18, 19
Eddie Van Halen – Guitar
George Harrison – Guitar, Bkg Vocals
Denny Dias – Guitar
David Crosby – Bkg Vocals


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