GHOST – Prequelle [Deluxe Edition +2] (2018)

GHOST - Prequelle [Deluxe Edition +2] (2018) full

For one reason or another, this album was not featured here when released, but time has come and you certainly need to check out this stupendous piece. We’re talking about GHOST and their last album Prequelle, in its Deluxe Edition including 2 bonus tracks.
Ghost first stated as a metal band with a dark sound and a style not so far to Mercyful Fate, albeit without the otherworldly vocals of a King Diamond-esque singer.
For this 4th effort “Prequelle” all these things radically changed; this album is a massive, extremely melodious record with more than a wink to ’80s arena rock.

Nobody could have ever predicted the huge twist in the band’s career back when they started out as a masked, mystic underground sensation. Their debut album united all the metalheads identifying with thousands of made-up sub-genres.
With “Prequelle”, Ghost has dialed up the commercial appeal to eleven, aiming to unite all those metalheads’ with fans of 80’s melodic hard rock / arena rock via catchiness and poppy choruses.

The start of the album might not reveal the band’s commercial tendencies straight away. It begins as eerie as ever, with a creepy version of the already disturbing children’s song, Ring a Ring o’ Roses, here titled “Ashes”.

“Rats” explode with a charismatic riff fest. The song highlights one of the best things about the band having very catchy and contagious chorus sections, which applies for the remainder of the album too. The attention of detail in this song is stunning. The interlocking between the drums, bass and vocals create a heavy and awesome vibe. The drums really add strength to the vocals in the pre chorus and chorus sections.

Follower “Faith” seems to make a lot more emphasis on guitar leads characterizing the song, still a catchy tune. Next “See The Light” is a joy to listen to. This song is an instant hit maker. The vocal performances and lyrics are mesmerizing.
If you haven’t heard a good instrumental song in a long time (or a new one at least), “Miasma” is the song for you. It’s full of rich and wonderful leads and heavy rhythmic sections. The synths really play a distinctive voice on this one as one would expect but the arrangement in the music make this song loveable.

Then “Dance Macabre” shows Ghost new ‘face’ with a pure ’80s feel, clear indicators that the band was heavily influenced by Duran Duran or ABBA during the songwriting sessions. Yeah, don’t be scared, there’s rocking guitars and a killer groove.
And you better check “Witch Image” – not a death metal song, but a fantastic melodic rocker plenty of magic. These pop influences are present throughout the album and give it a sort of an evergreen feel.
For a proof, also enjoy the bonus tracks of this Deluxe Edition, terrific covers of Pet Shop Boys classic ‘It’s A Sin’, and ‘Avalanche’, a version of crooner Leonard Cohen which sounds like Depeche Mode on acid.

GHOST - Prequelle [Deluxe Edition +2] (2018) back

This Swede Tobias Forge is for sure a very, very talented cat. With his songwriting and unique vision in terms of sound, style, and production – “Prequelle” sound fabulous – he has re-invented Ghost, a band finally ready to conquer the world. All of it.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ashes
02 – Rats
03 – Faith
04 – See The Light
05 – Miasma
06 – Dance Macabre
07 – Pro Memoria
08 – Witch Image
09 – Helvetesfönster
10 – Life Eternal
11 – It’s A Sin [Pet Shop Boys cover]
12 – Avalanche [Leonard Cohen cover]

Cardinal Copia (Tobias Forge) – vocals
Nameless Ghouls – guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals



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