SIXSTRINGS – Cries Of The Soul (2019)

SIXSTRINGS - Cries Of The Soul (2019) full

Titled “Cries Of The Soul”, this is the just released debut album from SIXSTRINGS, the project of Jose Salvador, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Barcelona, Spain.
Moving between classic hard rock, hair metal, melodic rock and acoustic ballads, as you can guess since the project name, the electric guitar is defined as the central axis of his creations.

Salvador is a skilled vocalist, drummer, bass player / producer as well, and despite his young age, what he loves musically is obviously the ’80s US hard rock / glam scene. He works as Industrial Engineer to make a living, but let me tell you that Rock Music is just more than a ‘hobby’ for Salvador.
Indeed, all “Cries Of The Soul” is professionally recorded / mixed, and there’s some really good songs on it.

01 – Cries of the Soul
02 – Looking for Me
03 – Frankie
04 – Deathly Life
05 – Rainbows All over Your Blues
06 – Living out of Time
07 – Kvothe
08 – Steppenwolf
09 – Midnight Train
10 – Easy Rider
11 – Sixstrings
12 – Tuttle’s Reel
13 – Mistery of Life

Jozzy SixStrings: vocals, guitars, keys, bass, real drums


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great record, like it!

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