BADHOVEN – All The World’s A Fake (2019)

BADHOVEN - All The World's A Fake (2019) full

Melodic Hard Rock band BADHOVEN born in the Nineties in Graz, Austria, releasing a couple of albums locally under a different name. By 2000, they changed to the present moniker debuting with ‘Behind the Masquerade’ the following year. That CD become a much sought after piece among fans of the genre, as was published by a small German label. Indeed, it is one of those ‘hard to find’ little gems.
Badhoven continued active since then, releasing a couple of album, a live DVD, and playing. Now it’s time for their new album “All The World’s A Fake” released today, for sure their best to date.

BADHOVEN’s music is classic – and very Germanic – Melodic Hard Rock with AOR touches, inspired by the glorious decade yet modern both in arrangements and production.
You’ll be surprised by these guys and this album; all strong songs and no filler in sight – and if you’re fan of the genre, you better pay attention to “All The World’s A Fake”.

The band’s sound is extremely clean, pristine, always melodic and pulsating.
They open with the title track, a straightforward rocker with catchy verses, nice riffs, synth infusions and s said, crystal clear vocals. “Let’s Be United” up the tempo with some Angeline / current Europe on it (love the classic keys), then the band offers something different with midtempo “Healing Hands”.

“Keep It on Rocking!” is one of the most commercial tunes here, and a favorite. True melodic rock with an arena-ready driving riff, fun synths and an anthemnic chorus. Think Fair Warning meets Swedes Bad Radiator.

There’s strong ballads in “The Power of Love” (akin Scorpions), and the better, very blues “Feeling All Your Power”, another awesome melodic rocker with ‘Masters of the Game’ (bring to mind Shylock), and dynamic rocker in “Don’t Bother Me” – remember Casanova, Michael Voss AOR band? – pretty similar.

BADHOVEN - All The World's A Fake (2019) inside

“Good Times” is another favorite – among many, as said, no fillers in sight – a midpaced melodic rocker / AORish tune with a Scandinavian feeling.
“Living in Rock” brings back primal melodic / hard with a simple yet hot riff, and with “Warlords and Vampires” BADHOVEN offer even more variation, a melodic rocktune with little proggy touches wich recalls another underrated German band: Dark Sky.

The last songs listed as bonus tracks are re-recordings 2019 (for a benefit) of songs from the group’s first album while operated under a different name. Both are delicious melodic rockers with an AOR punch, especially “How Will It Be” and its TNT / Bad Habit-like melodies.

BADHOVEN aren’t fake at all, their Melodic Rock is pure and true to the classic sound of the genre, so you better check their fresh CD “All The World’s A Fake”, a very good one from start to end.
Highly Recommended

01 – All The World’s A Fake
02 – Let’s Be United
03 – Keep It on Rocking!
04 – Healing Hands
05 – Feeling All Your Power
06 – Masters of the Game
07 – The Power of Love
08 – Good Times
09 – Don’t Bother Me
10 – Living in Rock
11 – Warlords and Vampires
12 – How Will It Be (Bonus Track)
13 – Break All Chains (Bonus Track)

Kurt Christian – vocals, guitars
Mario Pohn – lead guitars
Gerhard Paar – keys, background vocals
Flo Verant – bass
Gerd Sojka – drums, background vocals


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