ETERNAL ODYSSEY – Awakening (2019)

ETERNAL ODYSSEY - Awakening (2019) full

ETERNAL ODYSSEY is a new project featuring brothers Kent (vocals, guitars, bass) and Brent Smedley, the drummer of renowned metal act ICED EARTH. “Awakening” is their debut album entirely recorded by the bros, however this isn’t just a studio project; their intention is to be a real band with tour plans.

Formed in Jacksonville, Florida, Eternal Odyssey musical orientation is classic hard rock mixed with modern elements. In terms of sound & style, it has nothing in common with Brent’s ICED EARTH.
From the fist bits of “Awakening”, Eternal Odyssey immediately brings to mind Queensryche in its ’80s and ’90s styling.
Just check the riff scales in the dynamic opener ‘I Still Care’, or the somber atmospheres of follower ‘Immortal’. It’s all very Queensryche-like, and while Kent isn’t Geoff Tate, the man delivers.
Additionally, the brothers cleverly assembled the layers of multi-track vocal harmonies.

There’s very interesting arrangements, including clean guitar passages, some elastic drum patterns, and hot solos. Take as example ‘Through Broken Dreams’, a slow mid-paced song with breaks and shifts.
“Searching” is more accessible and melodious, ‘Unrequited’ is intense with its tougher riffs, while on ‘Lullaby’ the duo add a touch of progressive and even more variation all over 7+ minutes.

“Awakening” is an album which grabs your attention if you’re in the mood for this type of Queensryche-like rockers. This is just a band reference, there’s many other influences on board. Both brothers in Eternal Odyssey are accomplished musicians, and have created an attractive project here.
Give it a listen, it’s good stuff


01 – I Still Care
02 – Immortal
03 – Labryinth
04 – Searching
05 – Through Broken Dreams
06 – Odyssey
07 – The Now Line
08 – Unrequited
09 – Lullaby

Kent Smedley (vocals, guitars, bass)
Brent Smedley (drums, vocals)



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