SOULS ALIVE – Time After Time (2019)

SOULS ALIVE - Time After Time (2019) full

This album arrived to our desk yesterday – just released – but without info sheet / promo material. The band is called SOULS ALIVE, and the record, “Time After Time”. Then we did our homework and searched the internet for some details. Zero. Nada. Strange thing in this social media era. Anyway, you should listen to this band / album, a really good blend of classic Melodic Hard Rock with AORish touches.

Just check the video / track below, and that’s not the best song in the tracklist.
There’s influences from the Scandinavian MHR scene like H.E.A.T or Brother Firetribe (listen ‘Faith’), but also the early ’90s German scene – read Bonfire – and a a bit of ’80s American as well.

The midpaced ‘Here Again’ has some edgy Last Autumn’s Dream on it, then sharp guitars and keys flourished of ‘Not Since Today’ brings to mind Dreamtide.


They rock harder with melody on ‘Break The Chains’, some kind of WET in steroids, then I found a little of Zeno / Fair Warning on the driving AOR melody of ‘It’s Not My Time’ (a highlight).
Really strong stuff!
If someone has connection with this really fine band, let us know.
Highly Recommended


01 – Time After Time
02 – Faith
03 – The Right Call
04 – A.M.R 794
05 – Not Since Today
06 – Here Again
07 – Break The Chains
08 – Another Day Another Life
09 – It’s Not My Time
10 – No One Is Left Behind
11 – What Can I Say



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  1. SoulsAlive says:

    Dear friends of 0Dayrox, my name is Sergio, i am Souls Alive’s singer/guitar player. I am actively working on promo material for this album, including some lyrics video. To be honest, founding your review made my day.
    I would love to supply you with more information and future updates.
    I am so glad you liked it, it means the world to me.


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