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After the two WORLDS APART albums featured here one of you asked for the band’s self-released effort titled “Day Job”. It was the early 2000’s, and in America melodic hard rock music still was (and in many ways, still is today) an underground genre, so there wasn’t too much recording labels interested in releasing World Apart’s music.
So the guys decided to go for the ‘DIY’: “Day Job” was composed, recorded, produced and released by themselves.

Listening to “Day Job” you can tell Worlds Apart shared stages and toured with the likes of Dokken, Y&T, Night Ranger, Firehouse and other melodic hard rock acts that operated in the underground during the dark second half of the 90s.
This seems to have influenced their songwriting approach, this time adding acoustic guitar to some song’s mix, as well as some classic rock feeling into melodies.

In fact, I found songs like title track ‘Day Job’, mid-paced rocker ‘Cover My Eyes’ or ‘Freedom’ pretty similar to Night Ranger’s ’95 album ‘Feeding Off the Mojo’ – their only with vocalist Gary Moon and not counted by some rabid fans as a Night Ranger album – not me for sure; ‘Feeding… is one of the best NR albums in my opinion, and one of the best melodic hard releases from the Nineties.

Then you find songs in between that bring to mind Worlds Apart’s early work such as the ridiculously catchy ‘Never Get It Back’ (it sounds like composed in the ’80s) or the groovy rocker ‘Mine’ (with a 90-91s feel.)
‘Card Houses’ is one of the songs where the band incorporate into the mix acoustic 6-strings and electric, with a result in the vein of Firehouse’s unplugged era.

WORLDS APART - Day Job [self-released] inside

It’s all very enjoyable on “Day Job”, from melodic riffs and catchy choruses to hooks, harmony vocals, etc. Worlds Apart are a bunch of seasoned musicians who grew up listening to the greats and learning a melodic hard rock trick or two.
While production isn’t the best in the world, at the end of the day what matters is a good song, and believe me, there’s a lot of strong MHR tunes here.
Highly Recommended


01 – Day Job
02 – Never Get It Back
03 – On And On
04 – Cover My Eyes
05 – Wrong Decision
06 – Fallin
07 – Freedom
08 – Man
09 – Mine
10 – Say A Prayer
11 – Diamond
12 – My Time
13 – Card Houses
14 – Bing Bang Bong

Jay Davids (lead and baking vocals)
Jason Granucci (guitar)
JAS (bass, vocals)
Gary Silva (drums)



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