WORLDS APART – Separate Ways [The Lost Album]

WORLDS APART - Separate Ways (2012)

Although WORLDS APART have been performing and recording together since the early ’90s, releasing very good albums and playing in sold out shows with bands like Dokken, Y&T, Night Ranger, Cinderella, Firehouse among others, they never make it big and aren’t well known among the Melodic Hard Rock community. A shame, because these guys are all very good musicians and wrote very catchy tunes. “Separate Ways” is a collection of songs recorded 1992 but never officially released back in the day.

These dudes had everything formula-wise to have made a splash. That typical hard rock tone, the soaring vocals, the crunchy guitar grooves and the lyrics to ignite a spark or two.
The songs here have been re-mixed by Johnny Lima and mastered by Anthony Focx who has worked with big names like Aerosmith and Buckcherry. It’s obvious the guys wanted to give this release the proper mixing & mastering for all the fans to enjoy, and the quality clearly shows.

The opener of “That’s Why They Sent Me” has a tight get-n-go rhythm that leads the way for a razor sharp start. The guitars splash through with true Hard Rock edge on the high riser “Give It Back”.
A tune that has commercial appeal is the resourceful hooks of “Riding On a Whisper”. Another well done song is “Forever” which plays like a memoir or a soundtrack of someone’s life, another solid song with a fun pompous chorus.

The title track “Separate Ways” has it’s nostalgic moments as the name of the record was based on the fact the group is disbanded now. This song holds a special meaning more than it would under any other circumstances.
“Final Chapter” features all the desired traits that made the band’s last release (2010’s ‘Clean Slate’, already presented in this blog) really enjoyable; powerful melodies, nice backing choruses and some tantalizing guitar action, a perfect song to close the record with.

“Separate Ways” is the delightful will from Worlds Apart to their fans and to anyone who loves the good classic late ’80s / early ’90s Melodic Hard Rock sound.
Too many bands today – especially in America – seem to forget how to make good and fun rock music, and with the vast ocean of talentless people out there and the crumbling music industry, it’s nice have a piece of fine melodious Hard Rock come alive out of the proverbial cellar and unleashed to the world as it was meant to be.
Highly Recommended


01 – That’s Why They Sent Me
02 – Crutch
03 – Give It Back
04 – Last Time
05 – Desperation
06 – Can’t Let Go
07 – Separate Ways
08 – Riding On A Whisper
09 – All Or Nothing
10 – Forever
11 – Final Chapter

Jay Davids – Lead Vocals
Rich Cedillo – All Guitars and Backing Vocals
Jeff (JAS) Silva – Bass, Fretless and Backing Vocals
Gary Silva – Drums



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  1. Jim says:

    Hello 0dayrox, you rule. I would like to request Worlds Apart – Day Job their 2001 album. Thanks for all the amazing albums which help me discover new artists I would never normally have been exposed to. Recently I purchased the CD Push UK – Future Into The Past, which I learned of on 0dayrox. So it just goes to prove that your site actually helps artists by promoting their music. Thanks again, Jim.

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