BAROCK PROJECT – Seven Seas (2019)

BAROCK PROJECT - Seven Seas (2019) full

Hailing from Italy, the BAROCK PROJECT idea comes from a desire to deliver the finest and perfect structure of classical music (mainly baroque music) with a rock-style and a little bit of jazz harmony, supported by a Rock& pop framework with the intention to revamp the appeal of ’70s progressive-rock.
“Seven Seas” is their brand new album, and for sure will appeal to fans of Alan Parsons, Yes 90125-era, Asia, Jono, Trevor Rabin, A.C.T, Keith Emerson and many more…
Don’t be fooled by the ‘baroque’ inspired name by these young musicians: Barock Project is prog rock, rich in melodies, some stupendous arrangements & playing, a very clean production design, and really good songs.

The project founder, pianist and composer Luca Zabbini, states that his passion for the music of famous keyboardist Keith Emerson (ELP), has fueled his desire to compose and play a full range of styles, from classical to rock and jazz. So it’s not surprising that Luca recently did some tribute shows accompanying Ethan Emerson (Keith’s grandson) as musician.

Opener, title track ‘Seven Seas’ is the first indication that we are onto something special with Barock Project. It’s a greatly orchestrated composition that Alan Parsons fans will dig at first listen. There’s a rich and creamy vocal delivery that immediately connects with you and on this inspiring, joy filled track it really comes to the fore.
Is that a Trevor Rabin song at track 2? No, but the proggy rock of ‘I Call Your Name’ could easily come from the South African guitarist pen.
‘Ashes’ has some medieval atmosphere, but it’s a crazy prog fest, at places pretty metallic, some kind of Jone meets Dream Theater. Great one.

Some early Marillion but also Genesis appear for the sweet ‘A Mirror Trick’, then ‘Hamburg’ even adds poppy Floyd-like melodies, while elegant, acoustic instrumentation embellish ‘Chemnitz Girl’.
“I Should have Learned To” is the song format tune on the album, melodic and almost neo-prog in the ’80s Yes vein, while the pumping, dynamic ‘Moving on’ bring to mind Swedish wonders Jono.

An unexpected prog rock highlight of the year so far, hopefully this new album by this extremely talented and still relatively young band will see them break into the mainstream of the progressive rock market.
I for one think that with music as deeply enjoyable and illuminating as this they definitely deserve it, and current progressive music would be well represented by this exuberant and heartwarming group of musicians.
Highly Recommended


01. Seven Seas
02. I Call Your Name
03. Ashes
04. Cold Fog
05. A Mirror Trick
06. Hamburg
07. Brain Damage
08. Chemnitz Girl
09. I Should have Learned to
10. Moving on
11. The Ones

Luca Zabbini – vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars
Francesco Caliendo – bass
Marco Mazzuoccolo – electric guitars
Eric Ombelli – drums, percussion
Alex Mari – vocals



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