HIDEAWAY – Hideaway (2019)

HIDEAWAY - Hideaway (2019) full

Mixing classic AOR of all times with traditional melodic hard rock punch, “Hideaway” is the debut album from Greek combo HIDEAWAY, following the musical steps of country fellows Wild Rose. The band was formed back in 2010 by guitarist Dinos Georgiou (ex- Metallist) and keyboardist Peter Papadimatos. Later on, Harris Georgiou joined the band taking the place behind the drumkit. Over the next years the band worked hard on new material. The missing piece of the puzzle was to find a lead singer and they found the great Manos Fatsis, who presented his terrific Odyssey Desperado album last year.

With the addition of Johnnie Kontos (bass, ex- Flying Mercury) and Dimitris Paloudis (guitars, Rock Bottom) the puzzle was completed and finally HIDEAWAY took its current shape. A record deal with Danish company Lions Pride Music was the next step and “Hideaway” came true.

The opening tune of this debut “Another Day” is one of the highlights, and probably one of the best AOR / MHR songs of the year. A fast-paced and edgy tune that includes heavy guitars, a huge rhythm and, of course, a chorus line to die for. Really impressive opening (check out the video).

Next, in “Promises” we have yet another superb tune. Imagine something between Wild Rose and Odyssey Desperado and you’ll get the picture. The melodic “Calling You” and the more ‘progressive’ “Lonely Nights” are two more great samples of Hideaway’s music.
One of the best tracks here is without any doubt the commercial and feel-good “When You Feel”. A track that recalls the sound of the mid 80s / early 90s plenty of sweet melodies, hooks, and chorus to sing-a-long.
The edgier “Masquerade” (with its huge guitar work) and the epic hard rock anthem “Unknown Hero” are pure melodic hard rock heaven as well.

Greek melodic hard rock / AOR bands rarely disappoints – Wild Rose, Outloud, Odyssey Desperado, Osukaru – and now Hideaway join the list with one of the best debut albums of the year.
“Hideaway” has ‘that sound’ of yesteryear and the golden days of the genre, but spiced with a punchy production.
I love the songs, luv the classy arrangements, the sweet choruses, overall musicianship, and the bright sound.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Another Day
02 – Promises
03 – Calling You
04 – Hideaway
05 – Lonely Nights
06 – Life Is a Wonder
07 – When You Feel (Sometimes)
08 – Masquerade
09 – Unknown Hero
10 – Road to Nowhere
11 – Far Away

Manos Fatsis (Vocals)
Dimitris Paloudis (Guitars)
Dinos Georgiou (Guitars)
Peter Papadimatos (Keys)
Johny Kontos (Bass)
Harris Georgiou (Drums)



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