TOM KEIFER – Rise (2019)

TOM KEIFER - Rise (2019) full

Former Cinderella frontman and powerhouse vocalist TOM KEIFER is back, and though his new album “Rise” to be released tomorrow was billed a solo record, he’s making sure to give credit where it’s due owing a nod to his solo #keiferband on the cover, as this record indeed sounds & feels like a ‘real band’.

At eleven tracks long ‘Rise’ has variety too and runs the gamut of gritty blues and rock to tender ballads, stopping at all points in between and even visiting the odd blue highway or two.
It’s also a record that six years in the making shows a huge mount of growth that you could argue even outweighs the 16 years it took to create the first solo record. Part of that seems to come down to spending so much time with his collaborators, including wife Savannah, and the rest of his band on the road.
The album kicks off with “Touching the Divine”, a great way to come out the gate swinging with those trademark Tom Keifer howls, some bluesy guitar and backing vocals reminiscent of something you would’ve heard on “Heartbreak Station” .

“The Death of Me” is a throw back to early Cinderella with hints of ‘Night Songs’ throughout. It’s a slamming’ track that any old school fan should love. Tom’s out to prove that vocal surgeries, record label mishaps and whatever else life throws his way is no match for pure will and the love of rock n roll.
“Waiting on the Demons”… holy hell… this man sing a ballad like no one else. It has a bit of a Seventies vibe, but put this song into 80s MTV and they would’ve played this into oblivion. I don’t care what year; it is a great song. Period.

“Hype” a more modern sounding track, with really cool backing vocals and some really great guitar work. There’s an underlying chug of the guitar that made me smile remembering 1988 Cinderella. Title track “Rise” is just another amazing tune. I can see this track becoming an inspirational song for anyone out there fighting whatever demons they may have. It’s a beautiful song.
“Breaking Down” adds blues the the proceedings, which builds slowly and when the chorus kicks in you’ll find yourself nodding along. The Tom Keifer rasp is a live and well on this one.

“Taste For Pain” highlights what an amazing songwriter Tom Keifer is, you can feel every word he’s singing and relate to the pain.
Moe rock n’ roll comes with “Life Was Here”, one hell of a fun track. “You Believe In Me” was written for his wife Savannah. If you’ve ever had the chance to see The Tom Keifer Band live then you’ve seen his wife singing backing vocals. With every look and glance it’s an obvious love affair. What a world it would be if we all had someone that could inspire us in this way.

After a few play of this album you are hit both by the variety on offer here and also the sheer weight of these songs. There are moments that would be highlights in anyone’s career, and these are among Tom Keifer finest for sure.
If your an old school Cinderella fan and haven’t checked out Tom’s solo career yet, then now is the time. “Rise” is an amazing album from start to finish.
This is one to savor. Hit the repeat!
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Touching The Divine
02. The Death Of Me
03. Waiting On The Demons
04. Hype
05. Untitled
06. Rise
07. All Amped Up
08. Breaking Down
09. Taste For The Pain
10. Life Was Here
11. You Believe In Me

Tom Keifer – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Savannah Keifer – Vocals, Percussion, Piano
Tony Higbee – Guitar, Vocals
Billy Mercer – Bass guitar, Vocals
Kendra Chantelle – Vocals, Percussion
Jarred Pope – Drums, Vocals
Kory Myers – Keyboards, Vocals



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