BLACKRAIN – Dying Breed (2019)

BLACKRAIN - Dying Breed (2019) full

“Dying Breed” is the sixth album from French hard rockers BLACKRAIN, co-produced by renowned Swedish producer Chris Laney. There is a great consistency throughout the CD as the band do not let up on catchy hooks, big choruses, and it has to be said, track after track of excellent guitar work from Max 2. It’s anthem after anthem, and all are good!
Tracks “Dying Breed”, “Hellfire” and “Blast Me Up” are all good examples of this, with “Hellfire” reminding me a bit of Ratt. “We Are The Mayhem” has a feeling of Ratt as well, yet more melodic, in a sound that somehow meets early Bon Jovi, whilst Swan Hellion’s vocals are reminiscent of W.A.S.P. mainman Blackie Lawless here and there.

“All Angels Have Gone” is the album’s power ballad, pretty AORish complete with added synth, while at the other end of the scale the heaviest moments on “Dying Breed” come courtesy of “Public Enemy”.
“Rock Radio” is the most commercial tune on the LP, indeed ready for rock radio circa 1986, with a ‘hands in the air Meatloafness’ on it, then the album closes out with the big chorus Euro Melodic Rock of “A Call From The Inside”.

Blackrain certainly won’t lose any of their fan base with this latest effort, in fact, they will gain new listeners especially lovers of the current Sacandinavian Melodic Hard Rock wave – read H.E.A.T, Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx, etc
There’s also a strong ’80s American vibe on many songs, from arrangements to production, so Ratt, early Bon Jovi, commercial WASP ere, and more.
By far their best album to date, and one that will get a repeated spin over the next few months.
Highly Recommended


01. Dying Breed
02. Hellfire
03. Blast Me Up
04. Nobody Can Change
05. Like Me
06. All Angels Have Gone
07. We Are The Mayhem
08. Rock Radio
09. Public Enemy
10. A Call From The Inside
11. Jenny Jen
12. Ca Plane Pour Moi

Swan – Vocals, Guitars
Max 2 – Lead guitar
Matthieu de la Roche – Bass
Frank F – Drums



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