BERNIE SHAW & DALE COLLINS – Too Much Information (2019)

BERNIE SHAW & DALE COLLINS - Too Much Information (2019) full

Canadian BERNIE SHAW, ex Grand Prix, Praying Mantis and Uriah Heep lead singer since the mid-Eighties, is releasing a solo project album titled “Too Much Information” in partnership with multi-instrumentalist and producer DALE COLLINS. The duo are long term friends and worked together in bands when Bernie lived in Canada.
Both talented musicians have created here a fantastic slice of Classic Rock music, a timeless collection of original songs inspired by the traditional sound & style from the genre.

While there’s some Heep feeling on some tracks, overall “Too Much Information” bring to mind Bad Company finest moments, Free, and even Boston / Scholz more classic rock moments.
There’s an irresistible, catchy riff in ‘So Many Times’, bluesy uptempo rockin’ and sporting a very melodious chorus.
Did I hear a bit of 1978’s Journey on the superb midtpaced ‘Alone’? Yeah, for sure. It’s an epic tune, but earthy, classic rock from the bones.

We get a dash of Kansas on the fluid ‘Here We Go’, then the title track delivers lovely harmonies and a chemistry between Shaw vocals and Collins guitars that feels so natural, authentic. Love the atmospheric solo too.
‘Sad Song’ is the ballad, elegantly adorned with strings, acoustics and piano where I can’t help but Boston comes to mind again, and the melody recalls a Silver Condor song from the early ’80s. This track could have been a staple on FM radio back in the day.

The stupendous ‘Just a Little Bit’ rocks with melody and Shaw’s has a little Paul Rodgers touch in his vocal delivery, while closer ‘Rock On’ explores the glory days of Seventies’ bluesy rock adding groove.

BERNIE SHAW & DALE COLLINS - Too Much Information (2019) back

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this excellent piece of classy, true, human-crafted, flesh & wood Rock songs, some of the best Classic Rock tunes you’ll hear this year.
Highly Recommended


01 – So Many Times
02 – Alone
03 – Here We Go
04 – Too Much Information
05 – Sad Song
06 – Hey Jimi
07 – Just a Little Bit
08 – Rock On



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