HAIRDRYER (pre Fighter V) – Off To Haïradise (2014)

HAIRDRYER (pre Fighter V) - Off To Haïradise (2014) full

Fighter V is releasing today their delicious Melodic Rock / AOR album ‘Fighter’, but before there was HAIRDRYER. Yes, the Swiss combo changed its name, but the same line-up (except keyboarder) previously operated under the Haïrdrÿer moniker, quite successful in Germany and Switzerland and with this album under their belt titled “Off To Haïradise”.
As you see, the ’80s rock always was the driven force for this young 5-piece, however this album is much more US Hair Metal oriented, yet equally fun and entertaining.

The band name ‘Haïrdrÿer’ is quite funny – I can see why they switched to Figher V – but perfectly suits the musical style the band was in at the moment: Sunset Strip Hair Metal circa 1987.
The Haïrdrÿer vein wasn’t the ‘sleazy’ side of the movement, but more the glammy hard rock sound of bands like Ratt, Poison and Bon Jovi’s three first albums.

Additionally ‘Haïrdrÿer’ uses a lot of keyboards (I mean a lot) and massive backing vocals on all songs, some kind of what Withe Widdow does. And this is clear since opener ‘Grow Your Hair’.
Vocalist David Niederberger at places sounds like a young Tom Keifer, and others go for a typical falsetto.

All songs are fun (and full of cliché, but love it) and anthemic, like the pure hair metal ‘Backstage Pass’ with some Helix on it, the Bon Jovi-esque ‘Gone By Now’, or the punchy ‘Kiz @ Play’.
Haïrdrÿer also does AOR like in the keyboard driven ‘Sleepless Nights’ (a personal favorite) or the fine midtempo ‘Walkin’ in My Dreams’, and melodic rock as well as heard on the pumping ‘Why Don’t You Leave Me’.

HAIRDRYER (pre Fighter V) - Off To Haïradise (2014) inside

As heard on their new album under the Fighter V name, the guys in Haïrdrÿer grew up on all aspects. from songwriting to instrumental skills, however “Off To Haïradise” is very well crafted, executed and produced album.
It’s very entertaining above all, as if you miss your 1986-87 hairy metal, this is a pot of gold.
Highly Recommended


01 – Grow Your Hair
02 – Backstage Pass
03 – Give It All
04 – Gone By Now
05 – Shotgun of Love
06 – Why Don’t You Leave Me
07 – Sleepless Nights
08 – Kiz @ Play
09 – WYPD
10 – 62, Haïradise Avenue
11 – Walkin’ in My Dreams
12 – My Lady Stood Me Up

David Niederberger – vocals
Marco Troxler – guitar
Luca Troxler – bass
Lucien Egloff – drums
Emu Jarmann – keyboards



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  1. aorfreak says:

    Thank you for the tip about this band, its simply really good! Production, vocals, guitars, melodies..everything!

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