Joe Elliott’s DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ – This Is How We Roll (2019)

Joe Elliott's DOWN 'N' OUTZ - This Is How We Roll (2019) full

DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ, the project headed up by Def Leppard frontman and 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Joe Elliott, are set to release their third studio album October 11, 2019. The band, competed by The Quireboys’ Paul Guerin (Guitar), Guy Griffin (Guitar) and Keith Weir (keyboards), plus Share Ross (Bass, ex Vixen) and Phil Martini (drums, Wayward Sons), take a different approach on “This Is How We Roll” than on the previous albums.
This new LP features eleven original Joe Elliott penned tracks, and only one cover this time: The Tubes’ ‘White Punks On Dope’.

It has been five years since the last Down ‘N’ Outz studio album, although their respective other bands have all been busy touring and / or recording in the interim (the Quireboys in particular always seem to be either in the studio or on the road).
This album marks the first album of all original songs, bar one cover – an enthusiastic run through ‘White Kids On Dope’ by the Tubes – and they are all written by Joe Elliott. The music is like a trip through Joe Elliott’s record collection, as there are hints of Queen, 10CC, Ian Hunter, Bad Co, and even Elton John throughout the songs.

The star of the show, aside from Elliot’s vocals, is the piano and keyboards playing of Keith Weir. Be it the rolling piano riffs on ‘Another Man’s War’ or on the ballad ‘Goodnight Mr Jones’, his elegant and tasteful ivory work really adds to the music.
‘Goodnight Mr Jones’ is a fitting tribute to David Bowie, where you can play spot the Bowie song title whilst enjoying the guitar solo.

‘Last Man Standing’ goes big on the 70s sound, complete with strings and plenty of harmony vocals – sounding not unlike a Cats In Space tune (imagine a joint effort from these two bands now that could be musical magic).
‘Walking To Babylon’ and ‘Let It Shine’ are mini-epics, the former adding in a little choral backing, strings and more of that piano. The uplifting ‘Let It Shine’ features a fine vocal from Joe and suitably impressive guitar outro.

Moving on from their excellent renditions of British classic rock tunes, Down ‘N’ Outz show they can still produce a strong album based on their own songs. And there’s some really, really good tunes here.
Let it roll…
Highly Recommended


01 – Another Man’s War
02 – This Is How We Roll
03 – Goodnight Mr. Jones
04 – Creatures
05 – Last Man Standing
06 – Music Box
07 – Boys Don’t Cry
08 – Walking To Babylon
09 – Let It Shine
10 – Music Box Reprise / Griff’s Lament
11 – White Punks On Dope
12 – The Destruction Of Hideous Objects, Pt.3

Joe Elliott (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)
Paul Guerin (Guitars)
Guy Griffin (Guitars)
Keith Weir (Keyboards)
Phil Martini (Drums)
Share Ross (Bass)



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