JACK RUSSELL’s GREAT WHITE – Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes [Fan Club edition +2] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

JACK RUSSELL's GREAT WHITE - Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes [Fan Club edition +2] (2020) full

JACK RUSSELL‘s version of GREAT WHITE release his new album “Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes” few months ago, including all-new studio studio takes of the band’s hit singles ‘Save Your Love’, ‘Rock Me’ and more into acoustic, stripped down versions.
Now there’s a fan club-only release of the album including two extra tracks, one of them being the “Covid-19 lockdown recording” cover of Steppenwolf’s classic “Born To Be Wild”, done with the band’s guitarist and album’s producer Robby Lochner.

Jack Russell explains: “Once Bitten is one of my favorite albums that we did. I always wondered what it would sound like done acoustically. The experience recording this unplugged version was really neat. It brought back a lot of memories of the original recording session, things I had forgotten about.
Interestingly, the songs that I thought wouldn’t translate acoustically like ‘Livin’ On The Edge’ and ‘Never Change Heart,’ the heavier songs, came out the best.”

Aided by the likes of guitarist Robby Lochner (who also produced and mixed the album), longtime GREAT WHITE bassist Tony Montana (now on guitar), bassist Dan McNay and drummer Dicki Fliszer, these songs have been stripped to their emotional core, spotlighting the intensely passionate story at the heart of each song.

Just check out the new version of the unforgettable ballad “Save Your Love”, which has been shorn of all rockstar pomp to reveal a heartfelt hymn yearning, love and loss.


01 – Lady Redlight (Acoustic Version)
02 – Gonna Getcha (Acoustic Version)
03 – Rock Me (Acoustic Version)
04 – All over Now (Acoustic Version)
05 – Mistreater (Acoustic Version)
06 – Never Change Heart (Acoustic Version)
07 – Fast Road (Acoustic Version)
08 – Livin’ on the Edge (Acoustic Version)
09 – Save Your Love (Acoustic Version)
10 – Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (Acoustic Version)
11 – Don’t Make No Promises
12 – Born To Be Wild

Jack Russell – vocals, guitar
Robby Lochner – guitar
Tony Montana – guitar
Dan McNay – bass
Dicki Fliszer – drums
Rick Travis – bass (12)
Geoff Reed – drums (12)


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