THE CASANOVAS – Reptilian Overlord (2020)

THE CASANOVAS - Reptilian Overlord (2020) full

Mixing classic rock n’ roll swagger with a catchy power-pop savviness, ”Reptilian Overlord‘ is the straight-up feel good new record from THE CASANOVAS.
The album revels in everything that fans have come to know and love about The Casanovas, and it shows the impact of producer Mark Opitz, who was involved in many of the band’s favorite albums like AC/DC’s ‘Powerage’ and The Angels ‘Face To Face’.
Opener ‘Hollywood Riot’ sets the tone for what’s to come, ten tracks bristling with catchy hooks, sing along choruses and swashbuckling guitar moves.

‘Lost and Lonely Dreams’ leaps out as an early highlight with a pensive riff, vocal harmonies and sparkling guitar runs like a meeting between classic-era Kiss and a harder rocking Eagles.
With the album’s best riff, the sardonic denunciation of gentrification in ‘St. Kilda is Fucked’ could be applied to anywhere from Newtown to Kreuzberg, while Bulletproof has a cracking solo that should capture the heart of any rocker who just loves a ripping lead break.

The Casanovas are at their best when they’re just joyously rocking out, and ”Reptilian Overlord” is filled to the brim: ‘Cold Day in Hell’, ‘Stand Back’ and the supremely rocking ‘Red Hot’ are simply parties looking for a place to happen, and that place should be the cars and living rooms of anyone who needs to something kick-ass right now.
Breaking a recording dry spell of five years, Melbourne trio The Casanovas come rocking out of lock down looking for a good time.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hollywood Riot
02 – Outlaw
03 – Cold Day in Hell
04 – Lost and Lonely Dreams
05 – Stand Back
06 – St Kilda is Fucked
07 – Mid-Life Crisis
08 – Red Hot
09 – Bulletproof
10 – Reptilian Overlord

Tommy Boyle (Guitars, Vocals Piano)
Damo Campbell (Bass, Vocals)
Rickie Rae (Drums)



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